Top 10 Mini Voice Recorders With Stereo, Noise Cancelling Features

A sizeable digital dictaphone recorder variety here to satisfy all recording requirements. With brands like Sony and Olympus, we provide all of the essential recorders and components. This small voice recorder range consists of handy capabilities - eg integrated USB slots, Noise Cut Pro. See our voice recording pens.

01: Olympus VP-10 Connect Voice Recorder MP3 Anti-Rustle

The VP-10 includes high calibre 360 stereo sound recording inside a small sized, travel any-place physique for note acquiring on the move.

This electronic recording equipment is the 1st of it's kind to provide 'Anti-Rustle' system in a compact, slender framework, rendering it the perfect gadget for superior recording, even whenever inside the user's jacket or trousers pocket etc.

Stereo 4GB Voice Recorder With Black Cap

Olympus VP-10 Stereo 4GB Voice Recorder

At just 1.35oz in weight, this Olympus recorder provides light, hands-free documenting. Matched with three configurations of Anti-Rustle technology of 'high, reduced and off' it is the ideal recording equipment for positioning and leaving in any bag, coat or perhaps hand-bag.

This particular most recent innovation in sound recording forestalls frequent mechanism friction and brushing from entering in the way of appropriating the highest calibre audio.
[Rating: 9/10] £69 Here → Olympus VP-10 Voice Recorder

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02: Olympus DM-450 2 GB Flash Memory Digital Recorder

Using the very most up-to-date audio handling technologies on side, the Olympus DM-450 delivers increased quality and user convenience. This model documents all the details in order to guarantee satisfaction and allows you to appreciate your preferred songs, Mp3 audio books or podcasts whenever you want.

Over 50 Hours Of Battery Life Plus USB Charging..

Flash Memory Digital Recorder

With a selection of practical components and Olympus Sonority application, the DM-450 is the perfect partner for capturing crucial instances from around the appointment desk or the study room. Ideal for blind and visually disadvantaged individuals utilising responsive buttons and Voice Assistance features, along with 2GB of useful memory space.

Integrated Stereo Noise Cancelling

Podcast functionality, audible assistance and WMA playback with integrated stereo noise cancelling possibilities. An easy to handle dictaphone using five storage directories plus music documents up to 200 messages per folder. One music folder in addition to automated storage.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £134 Details - Olympus DM-450 Memory Recorder.

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03: Philips DVT 5500 Recorder Includes 3 Microphone

With 3 microphones, the Voice Tracer 5500 is perfect for recording music in exceptional definition and clearness. Additionally, the audio recorder is likewise ideal for recording remote sounds, messages and discussions. High fidelity recording at it's greatest.

Voice Tracer Recorder in Black And Grey Colours

Philips DVT 5500 Voice Tracer

A number of important elements are essential for making a great recording, including microphones for capturing soft sounds in addition to noisy bass audio with a top quality microphone suspension.

Furthermore, Philips supplies a wireless handheld remote control for practical functioning, even from afar. High fidelity recording indicates having the capacity to capture the initial sound as legitimately as you possibly can.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £119 Details - Philips DVT Voice Tracer Recorder.

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04: Sony PCM Portable Linear PCM Recorder, 4GB, USB Port

The Sony PCM-M10/R is a 96 kHz 24 Bit competent discussion recorder with electrostatic electret condenser stereo audio microphones, 4 GB of internal flash memory, microSD Memory stick and a slot for extended memory.

High Speed USB Plus 4 GB Internal Flash Memory

Portable Linear PCM Recorder

Utilise 'WAV or MP3' structure recorded documents to and from Windows computers or MAC PC's. The M10 enables resilient design and lengthy battery life, using standard AA alkaline batteries. A 96 Khz 24 Bit competent recorder with electret condenser system microphones and generous 4000 MB of internal flash memory.

Incorporate a pre-installed speaker, cross-memory documenting and the recorder features a USB high speed slot for uncomplicated uploading and downloading in Wav or Mp3 platforms.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £521 Details - Sony PCM Linear PCM Recorder.

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05: Philips Pocket Memo LFH9398 Dictation 'Speech Exec'

You can accomplish more in a fraction of the time with this digital dictation and transcribing unit. The Philips dictation set includes advanced, creative equipment and a very intuitive application. Producing high quality dictation documents and moving them to your office desk has never been so simple.

Dictation Device in Silver With Headphones
Philips Pocket Memo LFH9398 Device

This set consists of light and portable, stereo system headsets created to supply outstanding sound quality with comfortable ear cushions for improved wearing convenience. Priority environment enables important tasks to be prepared first - and automated file download can be obtained via USB for speedy transcription.

The 'DSS format' likewise enables you to store more information in the header. This allows for the organisation and the transcription of dictation data files.
(Rating: 4.90/5) £201 Details - Philips Pocket Memo Dictation.

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06: Olympus DS-7000 Digital Voice Recording Device

Specialist dictation never been so effective and simple. The DS-7000 fulfils the greatest demands for those who conduct business dictation tasks. The long lasting, metallic body units with their big colour LCD screen incorporate best functionality with optimum documenting quality.

Digital Voice Recording Device in Black And Silver

Olympus DS-7000 Recording Device

It completely facilitates your workflow, jointly with dialogue identification applications like speech recognition apps, not supplied in this distribution. The DS-7000 also functions modifying capabilities such as overwrite, insert, remove and protection lock etc.

Extra features incorporate adaptable dictation labelling, hands-free dictation and an accurate 4 placement slide switch. As a result of PIN protection and 256 Bit DSS Pro data security, vulnerable documents stay secure - constantly.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £389 Details - Olympus DS-7000 Recording Device.

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07: Sony ICD-UX513F 4GB Voice Recorder With FM Tuner

The Sony ICDUX513FW Digital dictaphone device in white is an advanced 3 in 1 audio voice recorder. It's also a very good music player and USB memory digital dictation unit with an integrated FM Tuner, supplying unrestricted storage with 4000 MB memory, in addition to a memory card port.

Music Player - Smart Noise Cut

4GB Voice Recorder in White

Sony ICD-UX513F Recorder

It provides fast computer interconnection via USB, where the integrated S-Microphone program provides higher sensitivity, much less noise and a broader recording spectrum. Utilise 'Smart Noise Cut' and Track mark for perfect recordings in any surroundings. Audio microphone and earphones are included.

Stereo voice recorder, surprisingly decent music player and USB memory with fast PC connection. Endless storage with 4GB integrated and memory card slot with internal FM tuner.
(Rating: 4.90/5) £87 Details - Sony ICD-UX Voice Recorder.

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08: Voice Triggered Pen Recorder MQ-77 With Spy Recording

The unique MQ-76 is an audio recorder concealed in a pen. Because of this type of option, the consumer can in an effortless strategy record each discussion without evoking mistrust. Leaving the unit switched on in any workplace allows examining in a discrete method what goes on in the absence of the boss.

256 MB Memory And Sensitive Microphone..

Voice Triggered Pen Recorder in Black With Cable

Voice Triggered Pen Recorder MQ-77

The hidden digital voice recorder device is extremely simple to use - you simply have to 'move the clip' so that you can begin documenting. The item comes with 256 MB of memory and an extremely hypersensitive microphone.

A fully charged battery will work for around 10 hours. As a result of the device allowing voice activated record, the real time of information can become rather prolonged.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £119 Details - Voice Trigger Pen Recorder MQ

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09: Trustin Mp3 Functional Portable Digital Dictaphone

A portable digital dictaphone that comes with an incomparable twin electrical power resource using the well-informed provision of dry battery plus lithium to ensure daily adequate power, an incomparable construction of power economising modest usage.

A configurable functionality pass phrase safety is used and it's possible to continue recording and listen via headset throughout the recording procedure.

8 GB Mp3 Portable Digital Dictaphone With Mobile

Trustin Mp3 Portable Digital Dictaphone

Recording is through the integrated microphone or maybe line-in including WAV or perhaps Mp3 music platform with REC bit rate adequate to 1535 Kbps, supplying you authentic lossless audio calibre transcriptions.

The mini voice recorder contributes approximately 18 hours of recording time, ideal for recording presentations or perhaps group discussions etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £29 Get It → Trustin Mp3 Portable Digital Dictaphone

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10: Sony ICD-PX312 Noise Cut Pro Voice Recorder

The Sony ICDPX312 dictation device is an entry level PC linked unit with a big LCD display and very intuitive control keys for convenience. It includes 2GB of internal memory, in addition to a memory card slot presenting indefinite storage space solutions. Gain the best possible recording audio, no matter what surroundings with the 'Scene Select' functionality.

Noise Cut Pro And 300 MW Speaker..

Noise Cut Pro Recorder in Black

Sony ICD-PX312 Recorder

Although the Noise Cut Pro successfully minimises ambient noise, allowing a clear recording. Provided with 2 AA batteries, it is the ideal, simple to operate, cost-effective dictaphone for individuals and entrepreneurs similarly. Gain really clear, high-quality stereo recordings that may be played back over the 300 MW speaker on the front side.

Included is USB wire, Sound Organiser and batteries. PX312 2GB recorder with memory card option. Include additional memory and utilise innovative capabilities to deal with recordings.

MP3 recording, 2GB. 300mW speaker output, memory card port. Graphical user interface facilitates numerous languages.
(Rating: 4.90/5) £38 Details - Sony ICD-PX Noise Cut Pro Recorder.

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10 Digital Audio Recorder Reviews - Small Dictaphones With Memory

Our to mini voice recorders recorders in all shapes and sizes, portable, handheld and digital devices to record and repeat discussions with the quality of a handily sized, portable digital voice recorder. A selection of useful functions including internal memory, optimum recording functionality and more.

Easily portable digital sound recorder devices and other voice activated voice recorders will come in useful, whether in an essential conference or recording a speech for later. Select a recorder that links to your computer for converting your information to textual content, or a pick a small digital dictaphone that also functions as an MP3 player.

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