Best Pen Recorders For Unobtrusive Secret Conversations

Record discussions, insider secrets plus more with our dialogue digital pen recorders. They offer other nice features such as concealed speakers to record and play-back sound, even in real-time. The spy digital voice recorder pens privately document and record audio interactions or secret events, then playback.

01: iXium HD Camera Pen With Video And Audio Recording

This is a genuine high-end office environment pen with video and audio recording. This particular camcorder traveller pen incorporates a concealed, top quality camcorder with audio and simple push on the top to start recording. It is possible to modify video and picture settings by way of a straightforward adaption of the key.

HD Camera Pen Video Audio Record In Black And Gold

iXium HD Camera Pen Video Audio Record

As much as 32GB external memory space allows you to take video clips for long periods. An USB user interface allows you to upload video clips conveniently and move documents files in between PC's.

Access via computer simply by connecting to an accessible USB slot. Absolutely no drivers necessary. You can use it as web camera, plus a guide book is integrated for much better utilisation.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £12 Buy → iXium HD Camera Pen Video Record

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02: VANZ High Resolution Real-Time Recording Pen Playback

The functions of this compact mini pen digital camera consist of numerous capabilities, with a trendy physical appearance, exceptional video recording impact, useful as well as easily transportable with effortless implementation. This mini pen camera consists of HD, video recording and digital photo etc.

High Res Recording Pen In Black And Silver

VANZ High Res Real-Time Recording Pen

Built-in standard rechargeable battery by way of USB slot with lead provided. Large 4GB storage space video and sound recording unit. It is also MAC PC appropriate, insert to USB slot to examine your recordings immediately. Well suited for camera and concealed gadget functionality.
[Rating: 8/10] £9 Buy → VANZ Real-Time Recording Pen

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03: FabQuality Concealed Camera Secret Voice Recorder Pen

An expert concealed voice recorder pen with connect and play genuine high-definition equipment in 1920 x 1080p HD video resolution plus 8 mega-pixels, precisely orchestrated to perfection for clear video recordings.

Merely an individual click on as well as 1 click stop enables you to start/stop documenting video immediately. Built-in recharging Lithium battery 220 mAH includes class contributing recording time periods and continuous video record settings.

Secret Voice Recorder Pen In Black And Silver

FabQuality Secret Voice Recorder Pen

Deployment of movement detection video recording modality enables you to register what counts, guaranteeing you never overlook any trivial matter, although increasing battery life-span. Simply no software system to load up, this first-class secret sound recorder is the most adept plug and play recorder pen you can buy.

Easy to utilise, this impressive pen recording camera is equally PC as well as MAC congenial 2.0 USB power with incorporated USB power wire. Optional date stamps may be summated as points of reference on virtually any dictations or pictures.
[Rating: 9/10] - £32 Get It → FabQuality Secret Voice Recorder Pen

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04: Livescribe 2GB Recorder Echo Smart Pen Livescribe

You can function more intelligently, not necessarily harder by having this Echo smartpen from Livescribe. Document 'whatever you listen to', point out and compose, whilst connecting your audio recordings to your information.

Rapidly replay sound out of your Livescribe document, PC or even smart phone. A pencast is an electronic form of your notes and sound.

2GB Recorder Echo Pen In Black With Jotter

Livescribe 2GB Recorder Echo Pen

Pencasts enable you to listen to and find out your notes in the same manner they were harnessed. With Livescribe Connect, you can share notes and sound from your paper to locations such as E-mail, Google Docs etc.

Smartpens capture whatever you create and listen to, so you will never overlook any detail and Livescribe desktop will save your notes and recordings to your PC for quick, easy accessibility.
[Rating: 9/10] £129 Buy → Livescribe Recorder Echo Pen

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05: I3C Compact 1080P HD Camera Digital Pen Recorder

A camera digital pen recorder that's simply not exclusively a regular pen, however additionally a camcorder and recording camera with high-definition 1080p.

This impressive mini camera pen will likewise record pictures of undivided HD 2560 x 1440 calibre. Multi operational and a great device for commerce departments, teaching, security measures and trade protection, multi media, legal power, tourism, medical discourse and additional uses.

Wireless Digital Pen Recorder With Gold Clip

I3C Camera Digital Pen Recorder

The mobile and easy to operate spy audio recorder can be plugged within a laptop and you will be able to shift the registered data files to PC.

It is effortless to carry for it's compact dimensions offering superior clarity 1920 x 1080p video resolution that conveys you an excellent visible experience with the added possibility of delighting in the exhilaration of video recording without blur.
[Rating: 9/10] - £27 Get It → I3C Camera Digital Pen Recorder

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06: PenRecorderPro SL200 Spy Digital Voice Recorder Pen

This highly recommended spy digital voice recorder pen is the most adept in both design and function. It features a slender silky professional conception, however is bundled with several characteristics.

The incorporated corded remote and headphones enable you to replay your very own transcriptions immediately from the pen itself. It possesses an LCD screen that shows file name, replay time period, battery life-span, menu, documenting calibre etc.

Spy Digital Voice Recorder Pen With Blue LCD

PRR Spy Digital Voice Recorder Pen

The LCD display blackens out when on function in order to conserve an expert appearance. This impressive pen is great for recording speeches since it's an extremely high powered microphone. This ALC 'auto level control' instantly corrects the mic electrical power dependant on how distant the audio resource is.

The pen recorder possesses uninterrupted recording settings, or choose voice activating modality which intermits the recording whenever simply no sound is observed.
[Rating: 9/10] - £107 Get It → PRR Spy Digital Voice Recorder Pen

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07: Ctronics 1080p HD Spy Hidden Camera Recording Pen

A calibre camera recording pen with elementary single click clear and sharp video recording including HD class 1920 1080 video resolution on a luxurious 30 FPS by AVI platform.

Simple to expend minus the elaborated assemble and your very own USB power wire enables for effortless video recording and picture data file transfers, all from your spy pen to your laptop.

Deploy it to additionally maintain your gadget completely charged up and prepared. As soon as your footage is accumulated, just link up the spy pen recording camera to your PC and orchestrate, then share your recordings.

File Transfer HD Camera Recording Pen With Black Mic

Ctronics HD Camera Recording Pen

Use your optional time as well as date stamp for practically all your video clips. From that point, it is easy to categorise as well as discover the video recordings you need. Simple to set in addition trigger, or perhaps incapacitate. Take in everybody in reality utilising this first-class executive designed ball-pen to write with on any day by day footing.

The expendable stainless steel ink cartridge holds top quality black colour ink for fluent lines together with simply no clogging up or clustering. This small voice recorder pen preserves your spying so confidential, nobody will recognise what you are really doing.
[Rating: 9/10] - £64 Get It → Ctronics HD Camera Recording Pen

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08: Efine Video Surveillance Camera Pen Video Recording

High quality designed digital video surveillance camera with pen functionality and 8GB capability. The options of this compact pen type digital camera consists of numerous features, stylish visual appeal and excellent video recording influence.

Video Surveillance Camera Pen In Black, 2 Parts

Efine Video Surveillance Camera Pen

Primary functionality of recording audio and video using USB drive, pen video structure. No requirement for driver set up in the event the operating system is Windows. Simple to operate one touch recording option. Simple USB plug and perform appropriate.
[Rating: 8/10] £15 Buy → Efine Video Surveillance Camera Pen

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09: Video And Audio Recording Small Pen Camera 8GB

Electronic small recording unit and camera surveillance pen is a real all-rounder. It offers a large 8GB of memory space, a mini-camera lens exclusively 2mm, plus a microphone. Very small LED lights point out the whole process of your camera. It is possible to move your computer data to the pen.

Video And Audio Recording Small Pen With Accessories

Video And Audio Recording Small Pen

It is linked to your own USB slot and works just like a regular USB stick. High-capacity lithium battery is incorporated, which can function for 2 hours whenever completely charged. Mega-pixel camera for the 300K 2.0m pixels.
[Rating: 8/10] £13 Buy → Video And Audio Recording Small Pen

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10: MemoQ Audio Recorder MQ-77N Pen Documenting Function

Extremely slender concealed voice recording pen with great sound performance. It offers numerous documenting features and ALC 'Automated Level Management' functionality. Rechargeable battery is entirely integrated with a straight-forward procedure, as well as cabled remote controller.

MemoQ Audio Recorder Pen In Silver And Black

MemoQ Audio Recorder MQ-77N Pen

Automatic file intro as well as other search functionality is included, plus first and last file shifting. USB 2.0 auto acknowledgement, constant time 12 hours, standby electrical power, automatic file split functions 5 hours. Documenting approximately 12 hours actively playing.
[Rating: 9/10] £90 Buy → MemoQ Audio Recorder MQ Pen

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Hidden Voice Recorder Pens - Perfectly Disguised As An Everyday Pen

These pen voice recorders appear like any ordinary pen, but come full of technologies to provide you the sound proof you may need. Document discussions, industry secrets and much more.

Save your valuable files and publish to the web using the concealed USB connector. Fashionable digital pen recorders with 1 touch triggering records sounds and other noises easily.

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