eSynic Portable Voice Dictaphone With 8000 MB USB - Microphone Speaker.

The eSynic standard rechargeable 8000 MB digital voice recorder and music player, can handle over one thousand hours recording. It features several decent capabilities like voice recorder, handy phone discussion recorder, useful USB storage flash drive and quality Mp3 player.

eSynic Dictaphone
eSynic 8 GB Dictaphone

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Enjoy voice operated and triggered recording features with audio control functionality accessible. You can record via the integrated microphone and play by pre-installed speaker. The eSynic dictaphone is designed with a microphone port so you can record by means of an external microphone.

Voice Recorder That's Perfect For Business

This portable recorder device is really an improvement on the earlier version voice audio recorder, and provides numerous functions like the voice recorder, USB jump drive and music player. Ideal for recording lectures, seminars, job interviews, discreet audio recording etc.

eSynic Dictaphone And Integrated MP3 Music Player

It is additionally perfect to store files, data spreadsheets, personal images, growing media files and so on. Easily record through the built-in microphone and play by the integrated speaker system. Designed with microphone port, you can record through external microphone, which is included.

Popular MP3 And WAV Compatibility

Record telephone conversation with the telephone line-in adapter, and the MP3 player's performance supports MP3 and WAV platforms. Voice recording in LP, SP and HP plus long time recording mode, saving in ACT format. Get the pocket eSynic Dictaphone here.

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