Retro Style High-Tech Racer Office Chair | Tilt Mechanics

The popular and unique red Racer Exec office chair may appeal to the younger market due to it's sleek and modern design. Not only very comfy and highly durable, this home office chair comes with several useful features seen in ergonomic chairs for hundreds of pounds more.

The seat height adjustment features from Toplift ensure you are sitting at your desired preferences. The clever incorporated tilt mechanism is fully and individually adjustable to your body weight and size.

Quick Specifications

Red Racer Exec Office Chair Leather
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Brand: 'Officechair24' | 2 Years Guarantee

Colours: Bright Red and Black

Seat Height: 48cm - 57cm

Seat Width: 50 cm

Toplift Seat height Adjustment

Seat depth: 45 cm

The Backrest Height: 70 cm

Armrest Present: With Armrests Soft Support Pads

Wheel Size: 11mm x 50mm for Carpets (Included)

Maximum Weight Load: 100 kg

Coating : Faux Leather

Weight Braked Safety Castors

Racer Chair Weight: Only 15kg

Chair Condition: Brand New Design

Red Racer Exec Office Chair Review Conclusion

Enjoy the comfort of the thick seat and plush backrest upholstery feature inbuilt, which is ultimately, generously quilted for your pleasure. There are handy, solid table curved arm rests with fully upholstered covers too. Tough wearing solid designer plastic base to keep you grounded.

This is an office chair design which really stands out. Not just because of its selective colour combination and its 'sharp' appearance, it also similarity to several designer style seat reserved for high end luxury sports cars built for speed. I do like its very neatly stitched double thick padding at the base of the seating.

This, and the backrest certainly satisfies high standards of office chair design and best seating comfort for working at any computer desk. You will love the dynamically shaped slick arm rests with comfy cushion support. All in all a fantastic home quality office chair with unique, sports like appearance.

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