Compare 10 Blue Office Chairs - Lower Back Support Personalised Options

Our wide variety of classy blue office chairs are comfy and look excellent in virtually any specialist or household environment. Buying a good quality, ergonomic exec desk chair with several modern-day features is wise. Various colours office chairs enhancing your workplace.

01: Sturdy Topstar Wellpoint30 Chair With Ergonomically Moulded Back-Rest

A pleasingly luxurious rotating desk chair with more comfortable moulded furnishings. Additional height and superior back-rest with moulding around the lower-back vertebra to compliment the back in the best possible posture. Easy elevation changing by means of in-built raster technique.

Sturdy Topstar Wellpoint30 Office Chair In Blue With Black Base

Sturdy Topstar Wellpoint30 Office Chair

The stress effect of the back-rest may be realigned singularly to your body-weight by a converting handle inside the desk chair. Synchro system for a 'posture correction of the chair' and back-rest incline, plus stageless locking through a lever on the right-hand part, which is height varied as a result of Toplift systems.

Very Comfortable Office Chair With Fashionable Blue Finish..

The chair offers an attractive and reliable black solid bottom area furnished with braked smooth castors, appropriate for the majority of floor surfaces. It includes elevation flexible arm-rests that are breadth modifiable by bolts and radial variable, comfy arm guards.
[Rating: 9/10] ( ~ £249 ) 5 Yellow Stars Buy NowSturdy Topstar Wellpoint30 Office Chair

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02: ORIGINAL Office Chair Racer 200 In Bright Blue Using Quality Tilt Tool

An attention getting chair in an advanced design, the Racer 200 is different using it's colour blend as well as trendy physical appearance, it outshines quite a few designer ergonomic chairs in luxurious sports vehicles. Using it's ornately stitched, thicker cushioning and back-rest, it complies with superior specifications of style as well as sitting convenience.

ORIGINAL Office Chair Racer 200 In Bright Blue With 5 Star Steel Base

ORIGINAL Office Chair Racer 200 In Bright Blue

The dynamically fashioned arm-rests with luxurious supports boosts the distinctive, stylish visual appeal. The chair is elevation flexible in a variety of placements from Toplift apparatus. It uses a tilting device, which is separately adaptable depending on user bodyweight. Heavily padded seat area as well as back-rest plus elaborate stitching etc.
[Rating: 8/10] ( ~ £72 ) Buy NowORIGINAL Office Chair Racer 200 In Bright Blue

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03: Topstar SoftX Pander Ergonomic Office Chair With Mesh Back-Rest

A comfy business office designed swivel desk chair for home office with a mesh back-rest using laminated and quilted textile covering. A section of the back-rest uses flexible tapes and is elevation variable by means of a reliable raster apparatus. Pressure effect of the back-rest may be modified singularly to bodyweight by a transforming handle within the frame.

Topstar SoftX Pander Ergonomic Office Chair In Blue With Black Arm-Rests

Topstar SoftX Pander Ergonomic Office Chair

Practical level seat with reinforcement intended for your knees. There is present a point synchro feature for a synchronic change of the seat and back-rest incline, which locks in different situations through a handle.

Unique stageless height features as a result of Toplift. Creative and sturdy lustrous aluminium base, furnished with braked wheels for all floors.
[Rating: 9/10] ( ~ £381 ) 5 Yellow Stars Buy NowTopstar SoftX Pander Ergonomic Office Chair

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04: E.Tinsley Designer Style Mesh Modern-Day Lumbar Support Office Chair

This is a fashionable high-back professional chair with diverse head-rest and detailed back covering for additional style. A large and sturdy stainless-steel spider base is installed with dual wheels complete with flexibly designed cushioned arm-rests. Synchronised procedure for multiple corrections regarding seat and back-rest tilt.

E.Tinsley Designer Style Mesh Modern-Day Chair In Blue With Black Seat

E.Tinsley Designer Style Mesh Modern-Day Chair

A curved high back-rest desk chair with comfy padded adjustable headrest included. Stylish management chair with variable features to personalise this chair to your exact requirements. Parallel apparatus for synchronised correction of desk chair seat and back-rest.
[Rating: 9/10] ( ~ £202 ) Buy NowE.Tinsley Designer Style Mesh Modern-Day Chair

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05: Eliza Tinsley Luna Positioned Tilt Mesh Healthy Posture Office Chair

This mesh workplace ergonomic office chair incorporates a trendy design using a curved back rest and can be found in 5 super colours. It's use as a multi-purpose ergonomic chair just isn't it's only characteristic. Additionally, it is a stylish piece for any home office.

Eliza Tinsley Luna Mesh Chair In Blue With Mesh Back

E.Tinsley Luna Positioned Tilt Mesh Chair

Having an (allow air through) mesh textile back and a current style base, it offers a superior and sophisticated level of comfort. The back is constructed out of mesh to keep you comfortable and cool in the summer. The arms are light, fashionable and portable, which reinforces the 'sweeping' style of the office chair.

Stylish Blue Office Chair With 5 Star Base And Positioned Tilt..

The chair is produced with material that breathes and is healthy posture rounded for optimum support. The front side of the chair features a waterfall border offering supplemental comfort to the consumer. The Luna mesh back manager chair delivers accommodating comfort and co-ordinated gas elevation.
[Rating: 9/10] ( ~ £125 ) 5 Yellow Stars Buy NowEliza Tinsley Luna Positioned Tilt Mesh Chair

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06: GT Omega Pro Blue Racing Style Ergonomic Desk Chair With Tilt

Contrived to extend a combining of plush comfort and superior design, the Omega professional ergonomic chair renders superior back support, since it's construction embraces the time-honoured deep sided physique hugging back-rest. It includes shoulder assistance, in addition to the 'inbuilt lumbar assistance' pad.

GT Omega Pro Blue Racing Ergo Desk Chair With Black Steel Base

GT Omega Pro Blue Racing Ergo Desk Chair

For additional support, an easily removed head rest pad and back cushion is offered for expanded comfort. The PRO desk chair features an improved reclining device to enable 90 to 180 degrees rearward plus forward leaning motion.

The office chair may be corrected to a lowered slanted perspective for choosing a quick sleep, rendering it particularly desirable for game players.
[Rating: 9/10] £169 Get It Here → GT Omega Pro Blue Racing Ergo Desk Chair

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07: HJH AvatarPro 5 Way Diverse Synchron Chair With Mesh Back-Rest

The Avatar Pro chair offers an extraordinary appearance, good features and striking convenience, created for use within a professional or home business office. It's aluminium base makes a firm foot-hold and it's exceptional design and style is a success. Comfortable cushioning and curved front border bring exceptional seating comfort.

HJH AvatarPro 5 Way Diverse Blue Chair With Stainless-Steel Base

HJH AvatarPro 5 Way Diverse 'Synchron' Chair

The back-rest is sturdy due to adaptable plastic stays and the protection is created from (allow air through) breezy mesh. The height and position of the properly designed arm-rests may be modified. There is also an inflexible smooth pad arm-rest for comfort. The Avatar Pro is a high quality desk chair which will delight anyone.

Blue Ergonomic Chair With Useful Capabilities And Fashionable Base..

Desk chair elevation is variable in different locations with powerful Toplift device. There is a pleasantly padded seat area with round front side edge for blood circulation assistance and the back-rest is produced from versatile plastic-type braces, enclosed in breathable mesh material.
[Rating: 9/10] ( ~ £212 ) 5 Yellow Stars Buy NowHJH AvatarPro 5 Way Diverse Synchron Chair

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08: Chiro Lumbar Support Orthopaedic Specialist Endorsed Chair In Blue

Accredited by chiropractic specialists, this ergonomic office chair aids in preventing back pain while you are sitting yourself down. Alter the desk chair to the most comfortable configuration settings and enjoy. Substantial healthy posture office chair for business or office at home.

Chiro Lumbar Support Orthopaedic Chair In Blue With Levers Under Seat

Chiro Lumbar Support Orthopaedic Office Chair

Orthopaedic office chair that's chiropractic specialist endorsed with a contemporary rectangular style back-rest. By natural means, rounded to adhere to a healthy lower back. Supplies excellent back assistance with slide correction which accommodates people who have diverse leg measurements.
[Rating: 9/10] ( ~ £224 ) Buy NowChiro Lumbar Support Orthopaedic Office Chair

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09: Buerostuhl Camaro Mesh Back Desk Chair With Diverse Tilt Functionality

A high quality chair that will certainly intrigue any individual using it's straightforward attractiveness as well as unique personality. Considerably flexible desk chair elevation with the help of Toplift. Breathable mesh back-rest with neck assistance. Slanting apparatus separately diverse to user weight.

Buerostuhl Camaro Mesh Back Desk Chair In Black And Blue Finish

Buerostuhl Camaro Mesh Back Desk Chair

Chrome-plated stainless steel base with solid physical structure and degree synchron transferring features when sitting down. High seating comfort and ease, where your backbone is reinforced in it's organic shape. Weight activated stopping safety dual wheels. Back rest elevation around 70.2cm.
[Rating: 8/10] ( ~ £120 ) Buy NowBuerostuhl Camaro Mesh Back Desk Chair

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10: Topstar Point40 Blue Office Chair With Orthopaedic Designed 'Orthoseat'

Comfy business office rotating office chair together with an orthopaedic formed Orthoseat. High body form processed back-rest with comfy moulded upholstery as well as incorporated lower-back vertebra support, plus stageless elevation flexibility by way of handwheel on the left side.

Topstar Point40 Blue Office Chair With Curved Arm-Rests

Topstar Point40 Blue Office Chair

Permanent touch mechanism for the modification of the back-rest incline and stageless locking with the aid of handle on the right plus height changeable functionality through Toplift. Beautiful and sturdy black base, furnished with braked castors are ideal for every floor surface.
[Rating: 8.5/10] ( ~ £91 ) Buy NowTopstar Point40 Blue Office Chair

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The Most Fashionable And Functional 10 Blue Office Chairs To Buy In The UK

Top superior quality blue office chairs supplying longevity and a fashionable appearance, together with 1 touch air-driven seat height modification assists you to discover your own perfect sitting down placement.

Secure tilt management, synchro tilt and 'modifiable tilt stress' enable you to set the chair for optimum convenience.

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