Ergo Point Topstar Purple Office Chair With Synchro Mechanics

This high quality purple office chair is the Ergo Point from Topstar. Apart from being a beautiful bright purple colour, this home office chair is available in black, red and blue. It is fabric covered with a quality 100% polyester material.

Ergonomically True Contour Shaped Back Rest

This contemporary styled chair uses an innovative backrest solution which allows a high amount of freedom for your arms. Featuring a high and ergonomically true contour shaped back-rest with special moulding in the important area of the lumbar vertebra region to fully support the spinal column.

Swivel Chair In Purple Colour
Ergo-Point SY Swivel Chair

Blue Square Button

Also, using the stage less height adjustable (via raster) mechanism for optimum comfort when sitting on this office chair is simple and quick.

The very useful tension effect of the backrest unit can be adjusted individually to your personalised body weight by simply turning the knob, which is situated below the seat area.

Synchro Mechanism Seating Adjustment...

Featuring an 'inter vertebral' disc seat, which ensures your spine is correctly aligned. The Synchro-mechanism adjustment of the seat and backrest angle are stage-less, and safely lockable in any position that suits you. Relax at the ideal position you feel comfortable with.

This works with a lever on the right hand side of the Ergo Point office chair. Handy height adjustable armrests are included with this very comfy chair. There is a durable weighted black polyamide base for effective stability.

Quality Office Chairs For The Home Study

Quality Purple Office Chairs For The Home Study

It's furnished with brake double smooth wheel safety castors, which are suitable for short pile carpeted areas and wooden floors.

The Topstar Ergo Point has a 'GS' sign of the LGA in Nuremberg, and naturally complies to all security requirements for safety and quality construction.

Maximum user weight is 110 kg. The seat height is around 42-55cm. Width is 45cm. Depth is 45cm. The backrest height is 60cm. Made In Germany.

A little assembly is required to set this purple office chair up - but it's not difficult, and should only take you a few minutes. The manufacturer provides a respectable 3 years guarantee for your peace of mind. Verdict - The Ergo Point Topstar is a high quality office chair at a very reasonable price.

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