A4 Paper Trimmers Reviews - All With Clamp, Rule Plus Guides

Cut your documents, cards, exposures and more utilising our A4 paper trimmers with integrated scale system. Perfect using a reference grid that allows you to acquire accurate proportions prior to cutting. The sturdy metal cutter table supplies best support and construct for long-lasting usage. See our paper shredders.

01: Letion A4 Titanium Office Paper Cutting Machine

This A4 office paper cutting machine is projected to cut down A2 - A5 paper, photographs, tags, cards and more besides, but can flawlessly cut through denser materials with informality.

Competent of trimming a 45 up to 90 degrees perspective, it possesses a sharp cropping device as well as ruler accuracy for perfectly scaled cutting. The guillotine cutting tool incorporates a tile reference grid plus angle cutting characteristics.

Home Office Paper Cutting Machine In Black

It possesses a useful rule to guarantee that virtually every cut is precise. Lightweight and flexible, the paper trimmer additionally accommodates a protective rail safeguard and fix hook lock to secure end users. Trimming through hardboard or card, it's just right for domestic office operations or perhaps crafts.
[Rating: 9/10] - £18 Get It → Letion Office Paper Cutting Machine

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02: Oypla Professional A4 Guillotine Paper Cutter

An expert grade A4 professional guillotine paper cutter that's nicely fashioned using high precision and best safeguards in judgement.

The accurate cutter is a pro resolution for engaged work place business organisations and studios with multi application requisites, which includes different platform documents adequate to A4 dimensions.

A4 Guillotine Paper Cutter With Black Grip

The cutting tool allows you to develop impeccably finished papers promptly and intelligently. It's possible to confer with the grid-lines distinguished on the heavy bottom where all proportions are displayed in both centimetres as well as inches for maximal versatility and convenience.

You will find paper guides as well ranging from A7 to A4 sizing.
[Rating: 8/10] - £14 Get It → Oypla A4 Guillotine Paper Cutter

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03: Fusion A4 Paper Photo Paper Cutting Machine

For regular usage in the home or office, this photo paper cutting machine comes with a calibre steel blade that helps a smooth, individual cut action.

It cuts 10 sheets of paper 80gsm at once using safety precautions that forestall harm or mismanaging. The guard is prefabricated and collapsible, but authorised with TUV protection commendations.

Paper Cutting Machine In Black And Yellow

You will find a solid metallic base using amalgamated anti-slip leg, cutting tool guides for DIN dimensions of photographs, and in addition circle for angular cuts.

The clamp understates paper motion whenever cutting, and 'includes cutting templates' for diverse dimensions of paperwork etc. Ergonomic and easy to utilise construction with carrying points for leisurely mobility.
[Rating: 9/10] - £38 Get It → Fusion Photo Paper Cutting Machine

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04: SwordFish Versatile Sheet Rotary Card Cutter

Organised with precision and in addition safety in mind, the flexible rotary card cutter determines applications for artistic creations, crafts plus hobbies and business organisation deployment.

A steadfast favourite in households, schools or work places, this cutter functions efficaciously using a secure stainless steel bottom with heavy calibre metal guide rail - plus secure screw design.

Non-Slip Rotary Card Cutter With Rulers

The solid engineering allows a clear-cut 10 pieces of 80 gsm paper that's generally utilised through the United Kingdom. It is the more compact edition and is the perfect dimensions for A4 sheets, card or perhaps exposures adequate to an upper limit of 1.0 mm deep.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £20 Get It → SwordFish Rotary Card Cutter

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05: Homdox A4 Work Place Paper Cutter For Sale

High-quality robust solid steel base paper cutter for sale with durable blades that constitute precise and direct cuts, ergonomic comfy grip and paper fixing clamp for accommodating paper substantially that renders cutting effortless.

Alignment control grid as well as rule for accurate calibration with A4, B5, A5, B6 plus B7 measurements impressed upon the base for your very own diverse requirements.

A4 Work Place Paper Cutter With Black Lever

Sturdy metallic 320 x 250 mm cutting desk manages 10 pieces of paper as total capacity, as well as 12 inch cutting size. It delivers with blade locking mechanics - deploy the edge lock whenever the cutter isn't engaged for contributed protection.

Impeccably finished for cutting your paperwork, photographs and additional materials. impressive for office schoolroom use and so forth.
[Rating: 8/10] - £19 Get It → Homdox A4 Work Place Paper Cutter

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06: Avery Self Sharpening Office A4 Paper Trimmer

With a specifically configured ergonomic cutting tool head, this A4 paper trimmer will nicely slide through all your paper cropping chores. The cutter blade is self-sharpening as well.

The specified base board markers incorporate paper, photograph in addition protractor proportions, constituting just about any precise task rather easy.

A4 Paper Trimmer With Slide Action Cut

The hand grips understandably stick out so it's possible to carry your cutter securely and with simplicity. This additionally entails you will be able to store your cutter standing - in addition to flat so it may be smoothly put away. The trimmer will work through adequate to 12 sheets of paper with simplicity.
[Rating: 9/10] - £34 Get It → Avery Office A4 Paper Trimmer

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07: ProNation A4 Paper Card Trimmer Guillotine

An accurate rotary paper card trimmer guillotine that comes with cutting points impressed on the base for simple trimming. It makes chopping A5, A6, A4 and A7 - even complex angles effortless.

This cutter cuts up as much as 10 sheets of 80 gsm paper concurrently. For precision as well as use with denser card. we suggest cutting 5 sheets of paper or perhaps fewer. Utilising the customised honeycomb style, the bottom keeps the equivalent intensity as the metallic option.

Card Trimmer Guillotine With White Table

The paper cutting tool includes a circular steel blade so it's possible to cut both ways. Substitution blades are additionally accessible and cutting photos is effortless with the clear paper sizing guide.

This enables you to align the border of your image with the edge smoothly. The paper trimmer machine base is constructed from light forged PVC which signifies this trimmer is very light weight.
[Rating: 8/10] - £15 Get It → ProNation Card Trimmer Guillotine

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08: Dahle A4 Circular Blade Paper Cutting Tool

This excellent A4 circular blade paper cutting tool comes with a solid metallic table including non skid rubber legs. Functional format lines along this table offer 2 scale system bars containing millimetre grid system.

A round blade is introduced in the plastic cutter head plus clamping upon the cutting line. Table dimensions general sizes of 440 x 211 mm and the cutter head is effortless to exchange.

Circular Paper Cutting Tool With Blue Rule Guide

The impressed table includes a rule in addition to regular paper platforms plus enclosed ground edge for secure functioning. Auto clamping on the cutter line for quick trimming of paper, photographs or perhaps film as much as DIN A3 format. It carves up to 5 sheets of paper and is examined to GS secure criteria.
[Rating: 9/10] - £31 Get It → Dahle A4 Circular Paper Cutting Tool

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09: Rexel Classic A4 High Capacity Paper Trimmer

Organised with flexibility, accuracy and safeguarding features, the A4 paper trimmer cutter is just right as a perfect resolution for school days, the home office or perhaps modest business concerns.

For light multi-application cutting demands adequate to A4 dimensions. From user time tables to developing material, selections or even guides etc.

Classic A4 Paper Trimmer With Black Surface

The trimmer allows you to cut as much as 10 pieces of paper precisely as well as promptly. It delivers with 2 years guarantee, so it's possible to buy with self-confidence.

Easily confer with the innumerable grid lines scored on the lightweight PVC bottom for a precise finish. Virtually all measures are entirely displayed in equally 'cm plus inches' for maximal versatility and user convenience.
[Rating: 9/10] - £46 Get It → Rexel Classic A4 Paper Trimmer

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10: OfficeD A4 Photo Paper Cutter For Crafts, Office

Scale system bar marked off in centimetre, inches in addition DIN dimensions on both edges, the paper cutter for crafts table area is pre-printed with a reference grid, din, inches in addition centimetre dimensions.

The desktop cutter is just right for practically all regular work place practical applications and delivers complete with transparent safeguard. 10 sheet potential with flexible back-stopping feature.

A4 Photo Paper Cutter In Black

Automated clamping at the bottom border of this A4 paper and card cutter machine.
[Rating: 9/10] - £21 Get It → OfficeD A4 Photo Paper Cutter

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Paper Cutters For Sale - Perfect For Accurate Craft Plans

These photo paper cutting machines are just right for virtually any paper crafting or card creating project, in addition to styling and other expert purposes. The cutters can trim A4 paper in possibly horizontal or even vertical arrangement, an indispensable tool for expert quality paper trimming.

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