Your Office Deserves One Of Our Bright Designer Desk Lamps

Modern Home Office Desk Lamps: This page is about home office desk lighting and not general lighting. We have several beautiful designer desk lamps enabling you to see while typing and reading documents at the computer desk. Think Anglepoise and gooseneck shaped lamps that allow you work with direct light originating from numerous and diverse angles.

Flos LED Lighting and Design House Stockholm Lamps

Table lamps on this page come from experienced and knowledgeable interior lighting companies that know how to please the home office worker. Choose from BTC Primo modern table lamps, Flos LED lighting or Design House Stockholm to illuminate your keyboard in the 'wee' hours.

An Anglepoise Desk Lamp In Your Choice Of Bright Colours

I love the Anglepoise desk lamp because their lamps are sturdy, stylish, they don't heat up as much as others and they are so versatile. Here is a couple that may interest you. Anglepoise type 1228 lamp in pink shade or the Anglepoise type 1228 lamp in a beautiful lime green shade.

Anglepoise Type 1228 Lamp With Lime Green Shade

This sleek, brushed/polished aluminium Anglepoise table lamp is a stylish lighting addition for your home or city office. You will easily acknowledge its classic but pretty looks, curvy lines, fully adjustable arms and solid base unit.

The Cute Original BTC Primo Table Light FT311

The popular Original BTC is a UK company committed to creating top quality, classy designed table lamps for home office work. They are created 'in house' by the famous designer Mr P Bowles. BTC lamps aggregate materials from pricey bone china and include chic satin chrome in their lighting designs.

Flos Kelvin LED Task Lamp In Black

This is a slim, black task LED desk lamp with an adjustable arm and 'square head' which includes 30 dazzling, long endurance LED bulbs. We know that Flos have been creating contemporary lighting concepts since the early 60's.

Super Design House Stockholm Work Desk Lamp In Bright Gold

Design House Stockholm has refined several well used objects for creative new purposes. Their Work desk lamp has been brought out of the dingy garage and crafted into the trendy 'Design House' with new durability and stature, producing more refined office desk lighting ideas.

My Favourite - Flos Glo Ball T1 Home Office Desk Lamp

This is a spaceship like glowing ball of bright light on a slender 'shank' painted in grey. This attractive office desk lamp has an external diffuser constructed from hand blown, fine etched opaline glass design. It's fully 'dimmable' and designed for Flos by top designer Mr Jasper Morris.

Modern Anglepoise Type 1228 Versatile Lamp With Pink Shade

This is a sleek, brushed aluminium table lamp, also a very attractive lighting proposition for your household or home office space. It has classy looks, smooth curved lines, it's very versatile and includes a solid base for excellent stability.

Designer Style Secto 4220 Table Lamp In Deep Black

This delightful table lamp is designed by Seppo Koho and hand made from real Finnish birch. The attractive shade is created from laminated birch slat pieces that are connected by circles of strong plywood. The frame of this desk lamp is created of a powder painted metal.

The Original and Best FT380 BTC Hector Pleated Table Lamp

Original BTC is an established UK firm devoted to producing high quality table lamps. Also designed by designer Peter Bowles. BTC lighting consists of a blend of unique materials including fine bone china and slick satin chrome.

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