10 Modern Occasional Chairs - Comfy Compact Armchairs

Here in several different designs, our small occasional chairs are great for enhancing any interior decoration, in the living room, hall, sleeping room or maybe the kitchen. Fashionable traditional occasional chairs that merge with any home environment - buy the perfect solution for additional armchair seating problems.

01: Serene Evie Modern Occasional Chair In Duck Egg

This enjoyable and attention getting textile modern occasional chair is just right for the contemporary household. Including a curved back rest as well as tub expressive style construct, the Evie is distinct on the eye and is as comfy as it is fashionable. Accessible in five elegant colours, it's an armchair tailor-made for comfort.

Chic Occasional Chair In Duck Egg Blue

Evie Modern Occasional Chair

Forthcoming in several diverse designs and dimensions, this duck egg blue armchair is consummate for heightening just about any interior decor, regardless if inside your own living-room, hall, sleeping room or perhaps even your cooking area. Textile seating style serpentine sprung backing fill and wood style arm rest elegance.
[Rating: 9/10] - £172 Get It → Evie Modern Occasional Chair

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02: Cocktail 50's Hand-Crafted Fabric Occasional Chair

A chair with 1950s revolutionised elegance, cushioned within hounds tooth interweave and corresponding button back particulars. Fresh, moderate lines as a consequence plus a classical approach pattern constitute this particular armchair a great option for the modishly advanced house.

50's Occasional Chair In Black And White Check

Cocktail Style 50's Occasional Chair

This occasional chairs is just perfect for living areas and comes completely assembled with 100 percent cotton cloth attached covering. The perfect resolution for those bothersome seating area consequences, although there will never be any yielding on elegance or comfort. Cushion layered sturdy chair with a plywood framework.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £129 Get It → Cocktail Style 50's Occasional Chair

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03: LaZuze Antique Style Occasional Chair In Burgundy

This highly recommended deep buttoned firm cushioned armchair is selectable in burgundy, which is going to automatically append a hint of colour to virtually any space or perhaps household.

It will consequently serve as an awe-inspiring interior decoration assemble for your home. The armchair features 4 low legs plus 2 arms hand grips, configured so you automatically feel loosened up and relaxed.

Stylish Antique Occasional Chair In Burgundy

LaZuze Antique Occasional Chair

This impressive traditional occasional chair is high calibre and going to last for several years. It's extremely robust and will convert to your very own darling armchair from the second you position it inside your house.

Append a throw blanket upon this chair and possibly even a cushion, deploy it to constitute a secret and snug space on your own. The concept of armchair is rather slick, so it is going to smoothly harmonise anyplace.
[Rating: 9/10] - £230 Get It → LaZuze Antique Occasional Chair

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04: FoxHunter Classic Small Occasional Chair In Cream

A rather commanding quality classic small occasional chair with soft cover, however long-wearing cushy upholstered seating, all extending an ultimate degree of comfort. It comes with contemporary style conical moulded front legs on wheels and classical construct button stitch pattern upon the back-rest.

Classic Small Occasional Chair In Cream Finish

FoxHunter Classic Small Occasional Chair

Some home base set-up demanded as the legs are screw on design. The armchair is separately handmade by employing conventional proficiencies for it's elemental character, just right for front room, dining-room, sleeping room or perhaps patio in just about any household.

This first-class refined chair is going to look fashionable in any home interior, possibly to fully complement a living-room set etc.
[Rating: 8/10] - £133 Get It → FoxHunter Classic Small Occasional Chair

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05: Sue Ryder Fabric Clad Occasional Chair For Bedroom

This particular stunning occasional chair for bedroom spaces features a comfy cushioned seat in addition to cutting-edge quilting and button design. Classical and cosmopolitan, you can position this armchair in a living-room, sleeping room, cooking area or even in the hall.

This beautiful chair delivers in three colours pink, grey or maybe all-natural, all using oak feet. Match with corresponding footstool to finish appearance.

Occasional Chair For Bedroom In 3 Colours

Ryder Occasional Chair For Bedroom

The chair is competent to blend in with just about any environment, contingent on your necessitates. The occasional armchair is entirely the right type for individuals needing to resolve seating area consequences, although it will never yield on it's expressive style or comfort.

The feet demand to be connected, which is very easy to do.
[Rating: 8/10] - £129 Get It → Ryder Occasional Chair For Bedroom

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06: Perth Serene Grey Occasional Chair (In 3 Colours)

The robustly configured Perth textile grey occasional chair is cushioned in soft textiles using a dense button impact, introducing a classical appearance and comfort in three deep colour selections.

The cushion padding as well as established serpentine springs inside the chair guarantee a comfy and reposeful seating to correspond it's design.

Classic Grey Occasional Chair With Button Styling

Perth Serene Grey Occasional Chair

Occasional chairs conventionally are represented and exclusively expended from time to time, just like whenever you have surplus friends round, or perhaps at specialised parties etc. However with our collection of armchairs, you will prefer to demonstrate them to friends practically all year-around.
[Rating: 8/10] - £276 Get It → Perth Serene Grey Occasional Chair

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07: Barnes Comfy Small Retro Occasional Armchair

Attractively constructed and opulently comfy, this highly recommended compact, vintage titled retro occasional armchair armchair exudes style using it's curving, shell cushioned back as well as vibrant yellow flavour.

The oversized seating as well as scalloped backing and petite dimensions afford the chair a vaguely amusing appearance with a fashionable brilliant yellow combining nicely.

Small Retro Occasional Armchair In Yellow

Barnes Small Retro Occasional Armchair

The retro appearance is accomplished by rounded, dark wooden legs, tipped as though to tempt you on to the dense, contoured cotton pad. This highly popular 'sixties design armchair' will lighten up virtually any living-room. It's now very easy to append an awe-inspiring bright colour to your household interior decor.
[Rating: 9/10] - £270 Get It → Barnes Small Retro Occasional Armchair

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08: Belgravia Velvet Boudoir Style Occasional Armchair

The dark boudoir style occasional armchair is at present accessible in a striking crushed velvety textile. The fashionable soft velvet design possesses a sultry as well as opulent flavour. It is deluxe, delicate and so cosmopolitan, but you can add this magnificent armchair directly in to just about any design strategy.

Opulent Velvet Occasional Armchair With Dark Cover

Belgravia Velvet Occasional Armchair

The chair will automatically establish a common sense of luxuriousness in any home space and as a consequence pleasingly enchant. Accessible in grape or perhaps silver, every armchair possesses a sprung as well as banded seating compartment for supplementary comfort, as well as to maintain it's configuration.
[Rating: 9/10] - £239 Get It → Belgravia Velvet Occasional Armchair

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09: Moffat Checked Occasional Armchair Wood Legs

Sporting a chess board design textile in a selection of four colours, this checked occasional armchair is just right for equally advanced and conventional households. The modelled furnishings look beautiful on this excellent shapely armchair using a refined back pad, allowing for appended comfort.

Beautiful Occasional Armchair In Check Style

Moffat Checked Occasional Armchair

The wood legs, cushion padding as well as spring seating guarantee a fashionable armchair that's equally durable, nevertheless comfy. Specs components textile seating style, curving sprung back filling cushion, and comes in a selection of four fashionable colours.
[Rating: 9/10] - £233 Get It → Moffat Checked Occasional Armchair

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10: Artisanti Velvet Style Traditional Occasional Chair

This first-class grey velvet clad traditional occasional armchair is pleasurably indulgent with it's textured dark material in addition attractive button design.

The curling arm rests and accumulated plaits circumventing the buttons of this highly recommended armchair afford it a sense of comforting grandeur. An impressive strategy to resolve seating room consequences whenever you've visitors or perhaps friends.

Velvet Traditional Occasional Chair With Curve Arms

Artisanti Traditional Occasional Chair

Including it's painted teak feet and all-encompassing seating, it tempts you to snatch a book or perhaps a drinking glass of something, as well as curl directly in to the opulent grey smooth cushioning.

This highly recommended grey button back armchair is additionally accessible in a shade of mysterious night black colour.
[Rating: 9/10] - £947 Get It → Artisanti Traditional Occasional Chair

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Occasional Armchairs With Simply No Compromise On Comfort

We hope you find a super fashionable traditional occasional chair impeccably suited to your individualised preference and style of your front room or bedroom space here.

Neatly cushioned small occasional armchairs constructed by adept crafts persons with long term experience, all utilising top-notch materials to guarantee comfort and strength.

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