Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair | Unique Ergonomic Mesh Design

This is a review about the unique Herman Miller Aeron chair line of prime home office seating, which brags unrivalled structure in the familiar pattern of the latest ergonomic office chair evolution.

With the unveiling of its identifiable structure components, the Aeron office chair stays unrivaled to this day, compared to other more conventional home office seating productions.

H Miller designers Donald Chadwick & Bill Stumpf conceived the unique design for the Aeron model. They took into consideration all facets of comfort, ergonomics, social regard, style & overall product dependability.

In Chrome, Blue And Black

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The Miller Aeron mesh office chair combines striking futuristic looks with the innovation you would expect from this renowned furniture designer.

The user can easily adjust the tilt angles, working height & armrests to suit their own body size. A lot of work has gone into designing this chair, that's truly customised to fit all human shapes and sizes.

An Investment For Life That You Will Not Regret

The Aeron is crafted to blend in with every home office backdrop, with the innovative Pellicle weave mesh design letting you and your back stay cool in the summer months.

Not only highly rated for it's contemporary looks, the Aeron meets both the end user and the environment by conforming quickly to everyones personal preferences - It's Eco-friendly, at over 90% recyclable.

Pellicle Weave DuPont Polyester Elastomeric

Designers Chadwick and Stumpf divulged their 'Pellicle weave' material, a clever interlocking mesh constructed from a DuPont polyester elastomeric material.

The pellicle fabric seats and back support of the Aeron chair allows for its owner, a tough - yet substantiative and breathable flexible option to let airflow around the body. This was the first high quality ergonomic chair providing lumbar support without foam.

Chadwick and Stumpf concluded that a light supporting mesh which establishes with each bodily motion would provide the user plenty of breathability. This would best sustain the user's particular anatomy, rather than the usual cushioning believed to be the market standard at the time.

The Ultimate Aeron Home Office Chair

By substituting the seating area and back rests of the regular office chair cushions and cushioning with this pellicle framework, the Aeron desk chair brought about an exceptionally snug and distinguishing seating experience. Ideal for working long hours at a desk.

Aeron Home Office Chair Conclusion

The H Miller Aeron chair is engineered to react to the body's every movement, no matter how small. It's tall and wide contoured back combines perfectly with the Aerons 'PostureFit' mechanism feature. This supports the lumbar region in all conceivable positions that the average user needs for optimum support and high comfort level.

Some other important features of the Aeron home office chair are the stylish waterfall front edge drop, to boost circulation of the legs thus helping you stay alert and focused. This smooth curved padding prevents tiredness and reduces the chance of developing numbness in the legs and thighs.

This fashionable chair excels among its more established matches, in addition to its other scrambling ergonomic desk chair competitors on the market.

Accredited and presented several times with prestigious business sector and furniture manufacturing industries awards, the Aeron chair started out as, and still continues to be the peak of ergonomic office chair innovation.

Absolutely no assembly is required with this chair, and the maximum user weight is 150 Kg. Wooden floor and short pile carpet smooth motion castors make this chair easy to mobilise around any home office.

Garnering the designer title of respect by 'Your Company Magazine' in 1999, the Herman Miller Aeron mesh office chair proceeded its travel along the less traversed ergonomic course, where configuration and purpose blend into uncomplicated comfort and slick conception.

Features like the unique Pellicle mesh suspension system, which distributes the users weight equally over the entire area covering the seat and back unit are unheard of in other office chairs of a similar price. The kinematic 'tilt limiter adjustment' mechanics incorporated in the Aeron virtually lets you move almost effortlessly from a forward-leaning position to a relaxed recline angle.

The fully adjustable tilt tension lets you forward tilt up to a 5 degree angle. Included functions include the tilt limiter settings, plush lumbar pad and adjustable armrests.

It seems the Herman Miller Aeron chair has been extremely well planned and designed, leaving nothing out regarding overall user comfort and personal adjustments, which are easy to reach from sitting, and clearly marked controls underneath the seating unit. Five stars!

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