Large Size Office Chairs For Heavy People - For Big And Tall

When it comes to office chairs for plus size people - If you face facts - We, as a nation are becoming heavier. More people than ever are enquiring about office chairs for heavy people. Don't panic, there are fantastic big and tall leather office chairs for larger frames available.

01: Goliath Heavy Duty Recline Tilt 27 Stone (170Kg) Chair

Heavy duty executive style office chair with matching padded armrests. This chair can easily cope with up to 27 stone (170 Kg) weight. Generous seat measurements are offered with an effective reclining function with tilt tension.

Chair With Large Seat Area In Black Leather Finish

Goliath Recline/Tilt Extra Large Office Chair

Incorporated gas lift seat height adjustment. This chair requires some easy self assembly. Seat width is 57.2cm, Depth 51cm, Height 49.5 - 56cm. Back height 68cm. Back width is 57.3cm. The width from the outside of each arm is 79.5cm.
(Rating: 9/10) - £221 Get It - Sturdy Goliath Large Office Chair

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02: Rocky IV 26 Stone Heavy Duty Leather Cushioned Chair

The Rocky IV chair features a very sturdy structure, substantial seat and back area make this office desk chair appropriate for heavy duty utilisation. Amply measured seat and backside. Profoundly padded seat and backrest supply the best possible ease and comfort.

26 Stone Heavy Duty Leather Office Chair

Rocky 5 26 Stone Leather Office Chair

Bonded leather-based upholstery. Permanent armrest with comfortable pad. Useful lock and tilt functionality with weight tension management. This office chair has been examined to maintain weight all the way to 170Kg, or around (26.7 Stone). 2 year warranty - (Recommended!).
(Rating: 9/10) - £188 Get It - Rocky5 26 Stone Heavy Duty Leather Chair

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03: HJH Office Large Dimension XXL Ergonomic Desk Chair

A durable desk chair with regard to maximum requirements. Taller or perhaps weighty individuals usually have difficulty discovering the right desk chair, since the majority of workplace seats aren't personalised with their particular specifications.

In the event you weigh with a couple of added kilogrammes. as well as tend to be taller than usual. You shouldn't be concerned, the XXL 100 chair satisfies this specific opening.

Office Sturdy XXL Desk Chair In Black With Steel Base

HJH Office Sturdy XXL Ergonomic Chair

The XXL provides automated slant mechanics, tension separately changeable for your bodyweight and locking in several placements. More comfortable soft cushions and sleek elevation modification features with an ergonomic back-rest.
[Rating: 9/10] - £185 Get It HJH Office XXL Ergonomic Desk Chair

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04: E Tinsley Ergonomic Heavy Duty Leather Chair 152Kg

Good quality, very soft feel leather faced upholstery with matched stitching on chair and back-rest area. Heavy duty gas lift supporting weight up to 152Kg (23.9 Stones). Reclining tilt system with tension management - variable for your body weight.

Ergonomic Heavy Duty Leather Effect Chair In Black Exterior

Ergonomic Heavy Duty Chair

Fashionable armrests with padded protections for extra end user convenience. This chair is appropriate for the home office or place of work. Mid back leather impact armchair.
(Rating: 8/10) - £126 Get It - E.Tinsley Ergonomic Leather Office Chair

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05: Amstyle XXL High-Back Heavy Duty Chair 150Kg

The Berlin office chair is a heavy duty item in black that can withstand up to 150Kg (23.6 Stone) user weight. It offers a stylish leather look high back with smooth running double castor wheels.

XXL Sturdy High-Back Heavy Duty Chair In Black Finish

XXL Heavy Duty Chair

Suited to heavier desktop users, the Berlin office chair comes in synthetic leather seat and backrests. Covering is faux leather, high back elevation adjustable with padded armrests.
(Rating: 9/10) - £549 Get It - Amstyle XXL High Heavy Duty Chair

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06: CFO Tall And Heavy Person 8 Position Office Chair

An amply cushioned heavy duty home office chair including several ergonomic adaptations which enables the taller and heavier end user to be equally comfy and experience a beneficent posture.

To be secure and avert spine aching, the seat elevation is higher than normal, climbing up to 61.5cm. Chair backrest may be aligned to actuate spine support.

Tall And Heavy Person Home Office Chair With 3 Side Levers

CFO Tall And Heavy Person Home Office Chair

The angle of the back-rest is additionally flexible, so it's possible to have the back-bone assistance you demand whenever sitting straight-backed to use your PC keyboard or whenever reclining some.

A broad seat cushion is mounted on a chair slide in order that users with longer legs can acquire appropriate assistance and can additionally be slanted.
[Rating: 9/10] - £194 Get It → CFO Tall And Heavy Person Office Chair

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07: Topstar Real Leather Heavy Duty Large Chair 150Kg

Heavy duty rotating desk chair for those with a body weight up to 150Kg. With supplemental dense upholstered backrest and incorporated height adaptable back support. The tension of the backrest can be altered independently to body weight by a handle on the right side, beneath the seat.

Real Leather Heavy-Duty Large Swivel Chair In Black

Topstar Real Leather Large Swivel Chair

Additionally thick padded seat and elevation adjustable headrest with an authentic black cowhide leather finish. Synchro mechanism for synchronic modification of the seat and back-rest angle, easily locked in a number of situations by a lever on the left side.
(Rating: 9/10) - £697 Get It - Topstar Heavy-Duty Large Swivel Chair

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08: Chiro High-Back Heavy-Duty Orthopaedic Swivel Chair

High back, good posture orthopaedic chair that's chiropractor approved. Modern square backrest with a shape that is naturally curved to follow normal lumbar curvature. It provides good back support and offers seat slide adjustments to cater for people with different leg dimensions.

High-Back Heavy Duty Orthopaedic Approved Chair In Blue Finish

Chiro Heavy Duty Orthopaedic Approved Chair

Adjustable back height and good features that reduce lower back pain, while supporting the upper back and shoulder area. Built-in twist handle lumbar support and adjustable gas lift function. Triple paddle synchronous mechanism, ideal for use long hours, with maximum weight of 150Kg.
(Rating: 9/10) - £209 Get It Chiro Heavy Duty Orthopaedic Office Chair

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09: Homcom Lux Chesterfield Office Chair For Big Guys

This first-class executive director office chair for big guys is the elemental for workplace as well as pleasure, constructed from leather, steel and a wood bottom. The high-back plus seat pads feature dense bolstering in order to revolutionise comfort.

It additionally possesses the power to correct in elevation as well as pivot 360 degrees. An impressive desk chair to possess in your household or even work place - and is going to correspond to virtually any interior decoration with it's fashionable and stately conception.

Large Office Chair For Big Guys With Wooden Base

Homcom Office Chair For Big Guys

Constructed from steel, wood, as well as sponge fill dense cushioned back-rest pad and seating buffer in order for optimum comfort, Solid wood bottom framework. Revolving castors as well as adaptable seat elevation for additional ease of use.

The perfect office chair for plus size people includes 5 castors for effortless motion, straightforward set-up demanded, black colour and violet red base, stainless steel framework.
[Rating: 9/10] - £169 Get It → Homcom Office Chair For Big Guys

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10: Hippo Ergonomic Sturdy Built Heavy Duty Desk Chair

A first-class and extremely durable, ergonomic and modern-day leather desk chair. Contrived and time tested for 24 hours use by individuals as much as 153 Kg.

It's appropriate for offices and different high utilisation spaces, however indulgent enough for the household work place. This office chair is entirely flexible to provide superior comfort.

Tilt Function Sturdy Heavy Duty Ergo Chair In Black

Hippo Sturdy Heavy Duty Ergo Chair

The 'syncro' mechanics enables the user to separately fasten or maybe free float the chair back-rest and perspective of the seat incorporating a forward seat angle.

Extra characteristics incorporate versatile seat elevation and a height versatile ratchet backrest. Includes breadth adaptable arm rests plus thick padded seat.
[Rating: 9/10] - £219 Get It → Hippo Heavy Duty Ergo Chair

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11: Diamond Viva Big And Tall Leather Office Chair

An elegant diamond design bonded big and tall leather office chair containing pneumatic seat elevation alteration as well as superior back support. Dense bolstered seat pad afford impressive sitting down encounter including versatile arm rests.

This home or work chair incorporates a durable steel base - and as a consequence top quality plastic wheels appended for smooth work place functioning versatility.

Big Tall Leather Office Chair With Extra Padding

Viva Big And Tall Leather Office Chair

A synchro leaning device constitutes the end user more comfy throughout functioning hours. Body weight total capacity is 250 pounds and the large size office chair is effortless to set-up on arrival. It offers cost free part substitution in two years.

This highly popular plush office chair possesses dense pad supports with a wheeled steel framework. It has slim arm rests, a comfy neck assistance, a high-back as well as a silky innovative appearance. A high-end leather extra large chair that contributes an atmosphere of prestige and opulence.
[Rating: 9/10] - £174 Get It → Viva Big And Tall Leather Office Chair

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Good quality office chairs for weighty people aren't even half as challenging to discover as you may believe. As a matter of fact, increasingly, heavy duty office chairs manufacturers are upping the calibre of their seating, to make certain that they will hold out for higher weights. This includes mesh, ergonomic, and leather office chairs.

Industrial Strength Computer Chairs

There are numerous producers of industrial strength computer chairs, so take your pick. These chairs are not really costlier than others, but they're also going to survive many times as long. You will ascertain that a more substantial office chair is in reality a first-class investment.

Sturdy Chairs For Heavy Guys And Large People To Buy In UK

Office chairs for heavy people at UK prices can go into the thousands of pounds, but you can buy high quality office chairs for £400+ that will not let you down.

Among the greatest advantages of browsing online for chairs, is that you'll discover an extensive array of styles, shapes, materials and prices. Using the term - office chairs for fat people, (like myself) - is not a phrase I recommend using, as there are those who get offended, but are very good quality constructed chairs anyway.

Some desk chair manufacturers offer up to 5 years warranty on their classy, tall swivel chairs for heavy people. You will be comfier, more capable of loosening up, and not troubled whether or not you'll break this one, too.

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