Olympus DM 901 Digital Stereo Dictaphone With Visual Index And Colour Display

The Olympus DM 901 is a premium quality digital sound recording device with wireless functionality. It includes remote operation by smart phone, with a design appropriate for mobile phones with Wi-Fi capacity.

With DM range including Wi-Fi, it is possible to link the recorder to any smartphone as a remote device to begin recording, along with inserting pictures taken by a mobile phone in to recorded information.

Black, Silver Olympus DM-901 Stereo Voice Recorder
Olympus DM-901 Voice Recorder

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At events, seminars and talks that result in a lengthy distance from the speaker, you can nevertheless accomplish clear recordings. Establish the recorder near to the speaker and make use of the available App to manage the pocket voice recorder from afar. You could start and stop the recording from a distance, which means you only capture the information you require.

Perfect For Mobile Phones With Wi-Fi Capability

Photographs taken by your smartphone's digital camera throughout recording may be used as a 'graphic index' by connecting them to the schedule. This index makes it less difficult for you to lookup or control your recording, better than depending 'purely on sound' and textual content.

Recorded documents and visual indexes from the files can be very easily published to sync services through a mobile phone, then accessed with an internet browser like Firefox.

Manage Your Recordings From Distance...

About three or four various recording platforms can be decided on to record and playback with the DM 901 dictaphone microphone. The linear PCM structure utilizes a sampling rate of 47 kHz to exceed even CD quality sound, although overwhelming flexibility is certain by recording in MP3 format and WMA includes decent quality in a smaller size data document.

Ideal For Business Meetings, Events Or Seminars

Whenever recordings consist of several speakers, the (Voice Balancing) feature makes scaled down voices even louder, thus ensuring louder voices remain under a specific amount, supplying play back where everyone is able to be heard - without doubt. This comes in useful when recording sound sources from numerous situations, for example in the office, at a conference - or in a large seminar hub.

Dictaphone Microphone Files Are Easily Uploaded To Sync Services

Utilizing the playback functionality, the recorder skips the zero voice and 'dead air' elements of the recording and only performs where there is audio. The high definition 2 inch colour LCD offers increased resolution and a contrast percentage higher than the typical monochrome display of many standard voice recorders.

Dedicated Functionality Switch..

By merely choosing from your recording selection, it is possible to set the best recording configurations based on the displays. Anyone can simply make excellent recordings, even in a scenario needing fast reactions. The DM-901 portable voice recorder also offers a dedicated functionality switch, which makes it even easier and faster to use.

Olympus Sonority And Closing Words..

Olympus Sonority is an enhancing and administration software that handles and allows anybody to just enjoy great sound generation. This involves many methods from basic 'waveform' editing straight away, to multi channel track enhancing, plus several types of 1 touch sound files etc. Get the Olympus DM-901 pocket voice recorder here.

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