Olympus LS 100 Review - Sound Pressure Microphones - Digital Metronome Tuner

The intriguing metallic black Olympus LS-100 portable recording facility is flawlessly equipped to handle an audio pressure level of up to 140dBspl. This is an outstanding 10dB louder than an ear drum smashing concert. The LS-100 not merely professional grade, but additionally it is a long-lasting device.

Olympus LS 100 Recorder In Shiny Black
Olympus LS 100

5 Star Rating

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(Olympus LS 100 Features)

The LS-100 recorder 'internal microphones' offers a substantial frequency range of 20-20000 HZ and permits sound to be seized as consistently, and accurately as possible.

'Normal' sounding acoustic is provided, thanks to improved sensitivity adjustable microphones with a 90 degrees assemblage and microphone shield.

Signals are optimised as a result of the on-board limiter and compressor. The Olympus LS-100 Multi-Track Linear PCM recorder is exclusive in the LS range - and the only product to function the input adaptability provided by dual XLR Phone combo jacks, promising 48/24V Phantom Power accessory.

The user interface provides you with an independent arrangement amplifier, making sure that low noise, high signal noise (S/N) ratio recordings can be made, even though using long unbalanced XLR cables. In reality, the LS 100 dictaphone microphone supplies the best S/N ratio in the firms track record.

The Olympus LS 100 - Tough Metallic Body With Microphone Guard

The left and right microphone levels can be separately 'modified' according to either the positioning of the recorder, making use of the on-board microphones, or in line with the specifications of the connected instruments due to the incorporated recording level switch.

Excellent Audio Quality And Looks..

The LS-100 is not only about great appearance and excellent audio quality. Having the ability to record linear PCM and MP3 file formats, its advancement continues to be depending on 40 years of first-class sound creativity by Olympus.

Furthermore, necessary highlights of the LS-100 include premium quality, low noise amplifier circuitry with individual circuit boards for sound and system. Each board with a distinct power supply. Additionally, there are file editing and file transfer and copying capabilities.

Also featured is MP3 conversion, plus a CD writing operation in order to burn your audio works of genius to an external CD drive. The whole unit weighs in at 280g, which includes battery and dimensions are 15.9 cm x 7 cm x 3.3 cm. Buy the Olympus LS 100 Multi Track Linear PCM recorder here.

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