Olympus VN-711PC Digital Voice Recorder Review - LCD Omni-Directional

The Olympus VN-711PC with directional microphone in grey. An extremely flexible, very transportable voice recorder, that provides clearer recording through the noise cancelling mic. A very intuitive and fully featured voice recorder with a remarkably long battery life.

Olympus VN-711PC Recorder in Black and Grey
Olympus VN-711PC

Perfect For Home And Business Use..

It is preferably suitable for novices and just about any person seeking a hassle free method for note-taking for business conferences, 'memos to self' and academic research. What could possibly be more exquisite for business training?

Huge 2000 MB Pre-Installed Memory..

Offering what Olympus feels to be the finest low noise microphone in it's group, the VN-711PC provides fine WMA audio quality, with 800+ hours of documenting time offered in LP mode, thanks to its 2000 MB pre-installed memory space.

It offers plenty of benefits, specifically pertaining to downloading sound to your PC or Mac - and sharing it via electronic mail, for which fast USB interaction is offered.

Substantial LCD Display Viewer

Include voice triggered recording as well, with a low cut filter reducing external disturbance when recording. The procedure for using the Olympus VN-711PC generally is as basic as speak, 'record', and transport. Substantial fonts are viewable on a big LCD display to guarantee high presence.

Configuring Text Size On Screen

Furthermore, you can choose among large and smaller text to match your inclination. Once the text size is established, the text screen will be a lot more visible throughout 'playback or recording' periods. By merely picking from the recording selection, it is possible to set the best possible recording configurations in line with the displays.

Monaural Omni-Directional Olympus Voice Activated Microphone..

With four formats and user settings, permit anyone to effortlessly accomplish painless, top quality recording, with almost 'zero noise microphone', optimised to improve audio recording. The Olympus VN portable dictaphone provides you with a high efficiency monaural 'omni directional' device that gathers sounds excellent from all compass points.

Olympus VN-711PC Portable Dictaphone With 820 Hours Record..

The increased microphone S/N proportion allows clearer voice recording, where the integrated stand is skillfully positioned in the rear of the unit - created to decrease the noise from the surface when the recorder is positioned on a desk. A tremendous 820 hours of recording time exists by the VN-711PC in LP mode as a consequence of its substantial 2000 MB memory space.

Easy Access And Playback..

Users could possibly save up to 200 recordings in each one of the five accessible directories. On account of the index marks, crucial parts of any recording may also be 'set aside' for less difficult access and play-back features.

Hassle Free - Top Quality Audio Creation..

By opting for the recording selection, the VN-711PC Olympus voice activated recorder further enables the best possible recording configurations to be set in accordance with 'scenes'. For instance, an enterprise meeting, seminar, voice memo and so on.

With 4 settings and one user setup, any person is capable of stress free top quality audio creation. Get this Olympus VN-711PC digital dictation equipment here.

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