Philips DVT 7000 Digital Recorder Dot Matrix LCD In-Ear Headsets

Philips DVT 7000 Digital Recorder
Philips DVT 7000..

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The Philips DVT 7000 digital recorder with 360 degrees recording with wireless remote control computer link up via USB port.

4 GB space expandable to 32 GB. A standard rechargeable device via USB with batteries integrated.

Wireless Remote Voice Tracer Meeting Recorder..

This voice tracer meeting digital voice recorder records each and every appointment in outstanding and noise free sound quality.

Simply position the 360 degrees turning meeting microphones on the table, press record on the remote control and record all sounds from each and every perspective.

In order to record a meeting with numerous individuals, especially with voices originating from a variety of directions, an excellent 'audio pick up coverage' is essential.

With distinctive Philips technology, it is currently feasible to record voices of most directions round the meeting desk.

Philips DVT Digital Recorder With 360 Degrees Recording

Sound Collection From A Wide 360 Degrees

The ultra modern meeting microphone, with the brand new Philips meeting recorder is non directional. The style enables sound gathering from a wide 360 degree radius, so no essential information is sacrificed and maximum recording quality is guaranteed. Get the Philips DVT 7000 Digital recorder here.

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