Olympus LS-5 PCM Recorder | A Wider Spectrum Of Sound Capture And Switch-On

The feature packed LS-5 Olympus dictaphone recorder has created best sound recording even more commodious, agreeing nicely in the contours of your hand and sporting the power to capture any sound file with one button press.

High Quality Olympus PCM Audio Recorder With High Sensitivity Microphones

Weighing precisely 165g with battery and boasting compact proportions of 4.8 x 13 x 22.5cm, the LS-5 is very much so deserving a second look. This Olympus recorder is proposed for those who require superiority in 24bit/96kHz quality PCM/WAV/WMA/MP3 audio frequency recording.

Olympus LS-5 PCM Dictaphone Audio Recorder

Olympus LS-5 PCM Recorder

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(Important Olympus Dictaphone Features)

The Olympus LS-5 PCM digital audio recorder is especially appropriate for musicians, radio podcasting and active journalists, but in reality bestows studio calibre audio to anybody.

The case is constructed from a strong aluminium bar to contract oscillations for a better auditory sensation. Three directional microphone settings include normal, wide and zoom mode, guaranteeing that audio is as expansible as your vision is broad.

Olympus LS range boasts cutting-edge inventions in audio intended conceptions. Inbuilt stereo microphones deliver superior sensibility insuring realistic transcriptions. Their rugged aluminium shells entail you understate lousy vibration disturbance. In addition, every microphone points diagonally outwards affording you a more all-encompassing recording expanse.

Olympus Digital Dictation LS-5 PCM Audio Recorder

The Olympus LS-5 PCM audio recorder cautiously configured microphone amplifier circuits keeps back disturbance between channels, guaranteeing clear signal transmittance. The LS-5 is not just concerning outstanding appearance and terrific audio quality. Creative thinking and versatility is likewise high on its alluring schedule.

A new editing out characteristic enables sound to be edited inside the device, thus reaching the end consequence you desire faster and more conveniently. Rapid USB 2.0 connectivity is likewise offered, allowing you to link up the device up to your Windows PC (All versions) and other congenial devices like tablets.

Several Included Audio Recording Formats Offering You A Wider Choice

The LS-5 digital voice recorder features a large 2GB internal memory, although present is the chance for users to elaborate this capacity through widely disposable SD and SDHC removable media should you desire. An extra long battery lifespan guarantees that this device will function just as robustly, and for as longsighted as you require it to.

The provided Olympus Sonority software package allows users to fully orchestrate, edit, blend, separate, and re-name files on either personal computer or Mac PC, or sign up to RSS feeds, podcast transmissions and series updates via the web.

If furnished with the optional upgrade Sonority Plus software, users can custom-make the recorder's computer menu, write audio compact discs and change over files to MP3 format.

Popular MP3 Format for Broadcasting and Sharing Over the Web

Additional recording formats and more extended imaginative selections. The LS-5 grants users the ability to record in ever-popular, widely congruous MP3 format for broadcasting and sharing music over the internet. Dissimilar MP3 modes extend different recording times, but you have the choice of 14 hours, 10 mins at 320 Kbps, 17 hours, 45 mins at 256kbps, or 35 hours, 30 minutes at 128 Kbps.

Utilising PCM (WAV) format instead, offers sharp, high calibre uncompressed recording that renders better than CD audio quality with dissimilar modes extending different recording times. From 55 minutes at the best calibre, to maximum three hours and 10 minutes duration.

If you demand to record for an even more extended duration, then WMA format is the selection to get you going with up to 70 hours and 30 minutes proposed at 64 Kbps speed. Buy the Olympus LS-5 PCM Dictaphone Audio Recorder here.

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