Olympus VN-713PC Dictaphone - Monophonic, Omni-Directional Microphone..

The handheld voice recorder is from the popular selection of quality audio devices sold in the UK today. An easy to operate recorder with a reassuringly longsighted battery lifespan.

Olympus VN-713PC Handheld Voice Recorder in Black

Olympus VN-713PC Voice Recorder

5 Star Rating

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The grade leading Olympus VN-713PC is perfectly appropriate for anybody requiring a hassle free answer to conducting crystal clear audio notes.

(Main Features)

It is ideal for a business sector get together, maybe memos to 'self' and usually the gathering of informative subject area.

Olympus Low Interference Microphone

What could be more consummate for that type spoken communication. With adequate to a generous 1600 hours of recording time offered in 'LP manner' via its large 4GB integral memory board.

The brand Olympus conceives this unit to be the most effective low interference microphone in its division.

The VN-713PC proposes the advantage of widely congenial MP3 file recording besides good WMA audio frequency calibre. On that point are also audio 'filter and noise cancel' characteristics.

VN-713PC audio recorder provides convenience rather emphatically. In particular with reference to downloading audio to your personal computer, also sharing it courtesy of E-mail, for which nowadays fast USB connectivity is supplied and expected. This model offers a micro SD card slot, providing the potential for an additional 32 GB of handy storage.

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder With USB Connection Fast Transfer To PC

You have voice reactive recording as well, with a 'low cut filter' cutting back on irrelevant noise whilst recording. Basically, the operation of utilising the Olympus is virtually as uncomplicated as verbalise, record, then transmit.

Large Clear LCD Display Screen With Several Options

All text sizes are 'switchable' between large or little etc. Large fonts are exhibited on the big LCD display to guarantee high profile. Furthermore, you will be able to select between large and modest text size to accommodate your personal taste. When the text size is set too large, the text presentation will be a good deal more obvious on replay or recording mode.

The basic calendar search procedure constitutes discovering files very uncomplicated. Sound files saved on the recorder can be automatically dealt with via date, with a calendar-like presentation rendered for more the comfortable approach.

Headphones Are Supplied Free Of Charge

The Olympus Digital dictation series of recording machines feature a direct push button for calling up this calendar quickly. Naturally, to be capable of seeking files is among the central attractions of any digital audio recorder. With this neat model, headphones are supplied out of the delivery package.

Finding the best 'untroubled' recording with scene choice. By merely choosing from the recording menu area, you will be able to determine best transcription settings agreeing to the relevant scenes. With four modalities and one user configuration, enable anybody to easily accomplish superior recording.

High Quality Monophonic, Omni-Directional Microphone

A low noise microphone optimised to heighten audio recording with the Olympus VN-713PC is outfitted with a high execution monophonic, omni-directional microphone that gathers sounds intelligibly from all directions. The amended microphone 'signal to noise' S/N ratio enables more clear-cut audio recording. The inbuilt stand smartly situated at the rear of the body is contrived to contract the noise from the surface when the recorder is stationed on a desk.

4GB interior memory for up to 1600 hours recording in addition to the microSD card expansion slot. An impressive 66.66 days of recording time is extended by the Olympus audio recorder in LP mode from its expansive 4 GB internal memory. Users can likewise save up to 200 recordings in each one of the five disposable folders.

Increase Memory Storage Easily With A Micro SD Card

The information that the recorder features a slot for a nonobligatory microSD card entails that the capacity can be increased to a further stage, which is determined by the size of the card enclosed, with adequate to 32 GB confirmed.

The 99 index marks entail, crucial divisions of a recording can likewise be reserved for more elementary recovery and replay. By choosing from the recording menu, the Olympus voice recorder enables best recording scopes to be arranged according to 'scenes'.

Olympus VN Voice Recorder 4GB Memory

For instance a business sector meeting, group discussion, audio memorandum etcetera. With four modes and one user configuration, anybody can accomplish super recording anywhere. Buy the Olympus VN-713PC Recorder.

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