Voice Recorders With Best Quality And High Resolution Playback

Great Quality 10 Audio Recording Spy Pens With PC USB Connection..

Record dialogues, close-guarded strategies plus much more with our conversation documenting spy pens. They provide various other good functions, for example hidden speakers to record and play-back audio, even in real-time. Independently record and play-back sound communications or situations.

10 Voice Recorder Devices Rated - Top Quality Voice Triggered Recorders..

A sizeable digital audio recorder variety here to satisfy all recording requirements. With brand names like Sony and Olympus, we provide all of the essential recorders and components. This digital voice recorder range consists of handy capabilities..

eSynic High Spec Digital Voice Recorder With In-Built Mp3 Player...

The eSynic standard rechargeable 8000 MB digital voice recorder and music player, can handle over one thousand hours recording. It features several decent capabilities like voice recorder, handy phone discussion recorder, useful USB storage..

Olympus VN-711PC Portable Voice Recorder With 2GB Memory And 72 Hrs Battery

The Olympus VN-711PC with directional microphone in grey. An extremely flexible, very transportable voice recorder, that provides clearer recording through the noise cancelling mic. A very intuitive and fully featured voice recorder..

Olympus DM-901 Stereo Voice Recorder With Voice Balancing And HD LCD Display

The Olympus DM 901 is a premium quality digital sound recording device with wireless functionality. It includes remote operation by smart phone, with a design appropriate for mobile phones with Wi-Fi capacity. With DM range including Wi-Fi...

Remote Controlled Digital Recorder Philips DVT 7000 - 360 Degrees..

The Philips DVT 7000 digital recorder with 360 degrees recording with wireless remote control computer link up via USB port. 4 GB space expandable to 32 GB. A standard rechargeable device via USB with batteries integrated.

Olympus LS 100 High Calibre Multi-Track PCM Recording

Professional LS100 digital recorder dual XLR phone combo jacks, Phantom power supply and up to 64GB recording capacity with excellent sound capture..

Olympus WS-812 Voice Recorder With In-Built Stereo Microphones

Olympus WS-812 digital dictaphone offers flash 4 GB memory WMA, Mp3 + micro SD slot. Retractable USB port connector and Linear PCM recording..

Olympus LS-5 Review - Digital Audio Recorder With High Sensitivity Microphones

Olympus Digital PCM Recorder 24 Bit/96 Khz sampling rate. 2GB memory + SD/SDHC card slot. 90 degrees outward mike positions and fast USB 2.0 connectivity...

Olympus VN-713PC Handheld Voice Recorder Review

Olympus VN-713PC Voice recorder USB connection - Fast transfer to PC. 4GB memory. Micro SD card slot, 70 hours battery lifespan and headphones supplied..

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