Best Ergonomic Heavy Duty XXL Desk Chairs For The Larger Person

Ten heavy duty office chairs with max weight 200Kg or 31 Stone, created with the larger user under consideration. Larger framed and intensely sturdy office chairs for plus size people offering strong gas seat elevation and flexible tension. Durable office chairs for big people in the UK.

01: FineBuy XXL Heavy Duty Office Chair Authentic Leather

Comfy XXL heavy duty office chair with wide back-rest and wide seating surface area. Ergonomic style, in addition extremely comfortable form ample cushioning. The bolstering of the seating and the front end of the seating back comes in a top quality genuine leather.

XXL Heavy Duty Office Chair With Steel Base

FineBuy XXL Heavy Duty Office Chair

Superior fashionable metal arm-rests are brightly polished up with soft-padded necessities. 5 phases synchro mesh mechanism points able to lock.

Separate body weight throughout utilising the flexible thumb wheel. Chair back includes an especially broad adaptation perspective. Anti shock feature and beautifully formed aluminium foot cross.
[Rating: 9/10] - £219 Get It → FineBuy XXL Heavy Duty Office Chair

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02: CFO Heavy Duty Lumbar Support Office Chair With Tilt

An amply cushioned durable desk chair with lots of ergonomic modifications, which allows the consumer to be equally comfy with the advantage of healthy posture.

Steer clear of back pain and discomfort using this chair. The elevation of the seat back-rest may be modified to safely move the support it provides to the correct placement for your lower-back and shoulders.

Heavy Duty Office Chair In All Black With 3 Levers

CFO Pro Heavy Duty Lumbar Support Office Chair

The independent adjustment of the seat elevation, seat tilt and backside tilt are by levers that may be locked in unlimited placements - all individually managed through 3 levers. The height and rotation correction from the desk chair arms permits the consumer appropriate functioning perspective to prevent arm and wrist tension.
[Rating: 9/10] - £168 Get It → CFO Heavy Duty Lumbar Support Chair

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03: BTM Tilt Office Chair With Comfortable Arm-Rests

The BTM is a high quality chair with ergonomic features and a comfortable design. A professional office chair with swivelling functionality, arm-rest perspective, seat elevation correction and reclining functionality. Nicely padded arm rests and strong black gas lift. There are also solid and dependable floor wheels for all surfaces.

Flexible Tilt Tension Office Chair In Black With Steel Base

BTM Flexible Tilt Tension Luxury Office Chair

Multi-layer soft cushion structure and comfy padding for additional comfort and ease. This modern ergonomic desk chair provides a pneumatically-driven seat elevation feature. Padded in stylish black leather with a 'front waterfall edge' structure that removes lower-leg tiredness. Vertical securing placement and changeable tilt stress management.
[Rating: 9/10] - £99 Get It → BTM Flexible Tilt Office Chair

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04: Topstar Top Point Large Heavy Duty Office Chair

The Comfort Point is an ornately focused professional office chair with high back-rest and comfy, distinct head rest, positioned lower-back vertebra development and lateral comfort cushioning in soft, long lasting micro-fibre covering. Ergonomic aspect seat and side cushioning for a comfy, seated healthy posture encounter.

Heavy Duty Chair With Stable Stainless-Steel Base

Topstar Top Point Large Heavy Duty Chair

The in-built tilt device is separately changeable towards the bodyweight, locking in-front placement. Striking and durable metal base plus seat elevation correction with Toplift systems. Weight-dependent stopping of safety dual castors for flooring such as carpeting etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £179 Get It → Topstar Large Heavy Duty Chair

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05: Amstyle Ferrol Large 5 Stage Chair 150Kg SoftAir

The Amstyle FERROL professional office chair is a comfortable seat with Soft-Air padding, along with it's coloured stitching and straightforward appearance. The chair back is extremely comfy and materials utilised are high-quality, authentic cowhide leather. An ideal chair for extended sitting down purposes, plus there are breathable aspects thrown in.

XXL Office Chair In Black With White 'Piping'

Amstyle Ferrol Large 5 Stage XXL Chair

You will find five hard floor wheels with the secure high-gloss and sturdy aluminium star base. This desk chair is 'loadable' as much as 150Kg. A '5 point multi-block device' is utilised, which may be locked in several actions.

You are able to easily establish your ideal sitting posture as required. Stylish, luxurious furnishings with soft genuine natural leather cowhide.
[Rating: 9/10] - £226 Get It → Amstyle Ferrol Large XXL Office Chair

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06: Topstar BigStar Heavy Duty Chair With Capacity 150Kg

Heavy duty rotating desk chair for those who have a bodyweight as much as 150.5Kg. Additional heavy padded back-rest along with incorporated elevation changeable lower-back support. The stress effect of the back-rest is modified singularly to weight by the handle on the right-hand area under the chair.

Heavy Duty Chair In Grey With Aluminium Base

Topstar BigStar Synchro Heavy Duty Chair

Additionally thick padded chair with reinforcement for knees. Elevation flexible head-rest with an authentic black cowhide leather covering. Stage synchro device for correction of the chair and back-rest perspective, locking in numerous placements by way of a handle about the left side.
[Rating: 9/10] - £697 Get It → Topstar BigStar Heavy Duty Chair

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07: Buerostuhl Sturdy Triton Anatomically Designed Desk Chair

The Triton 300 is a comfortable professional desk chair with sophisticated structure. It brings together ergonomic office seating most abundant in technology advances. Considerably 'flexible chair elevation' by using Toplift in easy to maintain synthetic leather protection.

Chair In Black With Stainless-Steel Base

Buerostuhl Triton 300 Anatomical Form Chair

Variable Chair Elevation Utilising Toplift..

A knee slanting system is present so that you can lean back comfortably, which stimulates circulation of blood, as well as reducing pain in the thighs. Eye-catching and dependable base with titanium colouring and designer cover crafted from dark-coloured plastic material.
[Rating: 8/10] - £137 Get It → Buerostuhl Triton 300 Chair

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08: E.Tinsley Wellington Chair With Moulded Back-Rest

A straightforward ergonomic office chair offering comfort and ease of use for operating in the workplace for extended durations. This particular office manager desk chair features a white soft PU finish and fixed arm-rests for a superior look. It is installed on wheels and possesses seat-height adaptation for support and comfort.

Heavy Duty Office Chair In All Black Exterior

E.Tinsley Wellington Heavy Duty Office Chair

The stitching design delivers thoroughly clean lines with appealing fine detail. Integrating a comfy head-rest for optimum user comfort, together with heavy foam padding - the chair may be easily employed for possibly any office or modest home business for about 5 to 10 hours on a daily basis.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £94 Get It → E.Tinsley Heavy Duty Office Chair

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09: Goliath 27 Stone Heavy Weight Capacity Office Chair

A modern work place impressive 24 hours heavy weight capacity office chair cushioned in split leather including different piping particulars. Impressive with charitable seating proportions as well as adaptable tension assistance.

It is going to accommodate underneath a table that's 71.5 cm high, comes with top quality components as well as comfy seating area. It adopts top quality leather textiles and dense cushion boasting a comfy sit.

Big Seat Heavy Weight Chair With Piping Design

Goliath Heavy Weight Capacity Chair

The ergonomic study chair configured structure including framework with versatile general elevation is robust and balanced - including high protection, components screened by BIFMA plus big five-star base.

Completely flexible seating elevation using a pneumatic gas lift strategy that allows you to smoothly correct the height of the seat via alternating the control underneath the chair. Versatile as well as easy to operate, this extra wide chair using a 360 degrees pivot includes a flexible spectrum of movement.
[Rating: 9/10] - £260 Get It → Goliath Heavy Weight Capacity Chair

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10: Amstyle 150Kg Office Chair With Tilt In Real Leather

The Amstyle Serie aluminium office chair offers authentic leather in black and a seat with high-quality cushioning composed of real leather. It comes with a contemporary aluminium structure and excellent lower-back support functionality.

Office Chair In Black With Chrome Effect Base

Amstyle 150Kg Office Chair With Tilt

Flexible seat surface area range from 42 - 48.6cm and height-adjustable, revolving light aluminium arm-rests with real leather cushioning, which may also be used without arm-rests. Back-rest with legitimate natural leather and designer hard frame.
[Rating: 9/10] - £333 Get It → Amstyle 150Kg Office Chair With Tilt

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10 Heavy Duty Computer Office Chairs - Extra Wide Chairs For Larger Folk

Generously proportioned study chairs up to 30 Stones max with ample seat dimensions, reclining functionality, tilt tension adjustments and dependable gas lift chair elevation correction. Robust natural leather office chairs with high weight capacity, high-backs and designer arm-rests plus.

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