BT Aura 1500 Twin | Freedom To Walk Around Your Home And Outdoors

The BT Aura 1500 is among the best, top of the line cordless telephones, which provides you with an excellent design, large 7 line colour display screen and a great deal of valuable capabilities.

The Aura 1500 phone integrated answering device includes 1 hour record time, which is double the standard for all of the BT telephone collection. This also comes in an eco efficient bundle.

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Digital Cordless Phone In Black
BT Aura 1500 Twin Phone

5 Star Rating

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The brand new trendy design of the Aura 1500 twin digital cordless phone causes this phone to be an excellent inclusion to any home office space, although only using nominal living space.

The large colour screen offers a high quality appearance and the outstanding colour contrast makes it crystal clear and straightforward to access.

You will discover the BT 1500 twin answering machine phone will assist you to save up to 250 numbers. This enables you to monitor every one of your crucial connections.

The Aura Telephone With Answer Machine And Hands Free Speaker

This modern cordless telephone furthermore, and instantly shares contacts among handsets. It helps you save precious time, enabling you to call your best friends and family rather speedily from virtually any phone you desire.

The BT Aura twin wireless phone comes with a great style. With a large colour display that is reader friendly, you can actually see immediately just how many messages or ignored calls you possess. The screen is likewise adequate for effortless text-messaging capability.

Walk Around, Out Of Doors Of Your Home With Great Mobility On The Phone

You will enjoy crystal clear audio with the new Aura 1500 telephone, making your interactions sharper and much better to listen to. BT phones were created in the UK and are optimised for the UK sector. This offers you with all the functions you require for uncomplicated UK telephoning.

The sturdiness of the twin Aura been specifically and carefully examined with the buttons scanned to be certain your last press is equivalent to very first one.

Ability To Talk Hands-Free...

The Aura 1500 features a long range of up to 300 metres (984 ft). This is far enough to help you to walk around and out of doors of your home with great mobility and pleasingly devoid of the concern related to anything interrupting your phone call. Take calls while you will be very likely to no longer be tied down to the immediate space around your base station at home.

You can also have the ability to talk hands-free with the provided speaker phone, meaning that you can put the phone on either side and still continue to keep your conversation going whilst you get on with other matters. Buy the BT Aura 1500 telephone with answer machine here.

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