BT Freestyle 750 Twin Cordless Phone | 12 Hours Standby - Backlit LCD..

The BT Freestyle 750 twin phone provides you with good/large sized buttons on this quality cordless telephone. Using a big screen too and large text font. It is 'assisted hearing device' suitable and an energy economical bundle.

While using the BT Freestyle twin, you are able to have a talk time period as high as 12 hours and standby time of up to 99 hours. Just the thing for many extended chats.

Completely Hearing Aid Congenial With 12 Hours Standby

You could effortlessly take the phone in hand to other areas when conducting a particular activity, or waiting for a crucial call without stressing about the battery running out when in standby mode.

(Important BT Phone Features)

BT Freestyle 750 Twin

BT Freestyle 750 Twin

5 Star Rating

B Button

The BT Freestyle appears to have been designed solid and sturdy, the controls are already tried and tested to guarantee your last click is equivalent to very first one. Messages from the incorporated 15 minute recording answering device is usually played back through either the base or handset for additional privacy.

Calls may also be reclaimed from an outside phone when using the remote playback function. The base station features a message signal with a crystal clear electronic digital screen that reveals the number of messages you may have.

You will find 2 pre-recorded outward bound messages that may be used on the answer machine so you might as well record your own individual outgoing communication. The Freestyle 750 features a long range of up to 300 metres. This really is far enough to allow you to wander out of doors with flexibility and without the fear of interrupting your phone call.

BT Freestyle 750 Twin Phone Crystal Clear LCD Digital Screen

Receive calls while or performing your daily house chores and you will no longer be tied down to the immediate space around your base phone location. You will also be capable of talking hands-free style. The incorporated speaker phone enables you to put the BT Freestyle phone on the side and continue to keep your dialogue whilst you get on with important things.

You will discover the BT Freestyle twin is completely hearing aid agreeable as a result of the integrated inductive coupler feature. This enables you to plainly and perfectly hear telephone discussions from your hearing aid device.

Wide Range Phone 300 Metres With Integral Digital Answering Machine

With the Freestyle, you can actually see straight away who is contacting you from the backlit display screen. Through big, obvious text and a vivid back light, it's effortless to locate your connections and unmistakably see who is phoning.

There are a variety of great benefits to the Freestyle 750 twin cordless phone to assist you stay in touch with your family and friends. It is possible to backup your contacts from a single handset to a different one, or simply redial earlier number without difficulty.

The twin Freestyle saves your previous 20 dialled numbers and the big buttons make it straightforward to dial instantly and precisely. The additional hand grip on the side makes certain it corresponds snugly in your palm. Buy the BT Freestyle 750 Twin Cordless Phone here.

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