High Desk Chairs With Backs - Office High-Back Chairs With Wheels

A good high back office chair will give great support to your back and head. Executive type chairs are comfy and extremely versatile. The high office chair with wheels models include several useful features for working and relaxing, such as spine support, real leather, swivel and tilt.

01: Hippo High Back Office Chair With Lumbar Support

A heavy duty leather high back office chair with lumbar support that weights around 24.2 Kg. This excellent seating option is an extremely sturdy ergonomic desk chair fashioned and screened for 24 hours deployment by individuals as much as 152.2 Kg.

It's eligible for phone call centres and in addition different high utilisation places of work, however plush enough for the home base work place. Aggregated characteristics promote estimable posture and bestows a very comfy end user experience all round.

High Back Chair Lumbar Support With Black Star Base

Hippo High Back Chair Lumbar Support

This particular computer chair high back style is additionally becoming progressively fashionable among game players, ascribable to the extended hours of cosy sitting down that it proposes.

The seating can go upward as well as down - and you will be able to elevate and reduce the back area. It's possible to likewise fix or perhaps free float the back and arrange the perspective of the seating separately. This allows you to determine the ideal position, even canting frontward etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £239 Get It → Hippo High Back Chair Lumbar Support

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02: Paragon High-Back Swivel Tilt Ergonomic Office Chair

The Paragon desk chair is a standard high-back professional office chair with a stylish shape, coupled with it's superior deep seat and back padding make this chair a robust, long lasting luxury. It functions tilt, swivelling and locking system plus much more besides.

High-Back Swivel And Tilt Office Chair In All Black Leather Finish

Paragon High-Back Tilt Function Office Chair

Manufactured from top quality PU leather with a high back for ultimate comfort and support. There is an elevation flexible gas piston to get you to the correct height and 360 degrees rotating pivot. Lean and locking mechanism mechanism. Comfortable padding for additional convenience.
[Rating: 4.94/5] £109 Details - Paragon High-Back Swivel Office Chair

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03: Houston Weight Tension Management Sturdy Office Chair

Equipped with a solid, traditional tilt system, this particular black Houston leather faced management office chair from Alphason is really a fashionable add-on to virtually any office environment. Including a smooth stainless-steel framework, this office chair incorporates a high-back side intended for comprehensive support when you operate.

Weight Tension Sturdy Office Chair In Smooth Black Exterior

Houston Weight Tension Office Chair

This black Houston leather faced professional desk chair from Alphason features an encouraged utilisation time period of 8 hours sitting every day. Enhanced and refined stainless-steel base with distinct lumbar and head-rest assistance.
[Rating: 4.95/5] £111 Details - Houston Sturdy Office Chair

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04: Jacobs Office Chair With Tilt Lock Mechanics

Enjoy the comfort of this ultra-soft, super comfy professional PU desk chair. It possesses an impressive design and style that doesn't just contribute aesthetic appeal, but additionally makes it possible to maintain your correct, healthy posture.

Chair With Tilt Locking In Black With Curved Arm-Rests

Jacobs Office Chair With Tilt Lock Mechanics

High-class management household leather desk chair in a contemporary style. Pleasingly ergonomic back shape with effective lower back assistance. Pneumatically driven chair elevation modification and tilt locking mechanism are included.
[Rating: 4.95/5] £64 Details - Jacobs Office Chair Tilt Lock

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05: E.Tinsley Leather Swivel High Office Chair With Wheels

A leather impact administrator high office chair with wheels and dense cushioned simulated leather chair, a first-class seat to utilise on a day by day basis. A chic style that extends you a higher grade of real comfort in the home office.

The repose functionality may be locked up the straight perspective or for a more dynamical facility, the device can be allowed free floating style for your comfort.

Chic High Office Chair With 5 Black Wheels

E.Tinsley High Office Chair With Wheels

The stress command may be corrected to case by case user weight, enabling maximum assistance while affording upper limit comfort sitting. Bolstered arm rests are a characteristic of this highly popular executive high back office chair.

Simply not merely are they fashionable, however they extend you a more advanced layer of comforted relaxing. Equally the seating and back-rest are shapely, plus possess corresponding stitching particulars which heighten the general conception and charm of this office chair.
[Rating: 9/10] - £103 Buy → E.Tinsley High Office Chair With Wheels

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06: Sona Tilting Back-Rest And High-Back Office Chair

This streamlined ergonomic office chair is ideal for optimum comfort, personalisation and productivity in the office or home work space. It possesses an 'amply proportioned', curved seat with smooth, accommodating motion to supply entire back and body assistance.

Tilting High-Back J-Bar Chair In Black With Stainless-Steel Base

Sona Tilting Back-Rest And High-Back J-Bar Chair

It is possible to modify the seat depth, backside elevation, tilt settings and arm-rest height at the simple contact of a button to match your personal requirements. The sophisticated J-Bar characteristic at the rear of the desk chair is actually elevation variable, providing you with effective spine support.
[Rating: 4.95/5] £750 Details - Sona Tilt High-Back J-Bar Chair

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07: VIVA Office High Back Ergonomic Luxurious Desk Chair

VIVA is an ergonomic style high-back household and work place desk chair that delivers best leather seat plus back area. Solid foundation, first-class lumbar assistance and versatile Donati arm-rests.

Anatomically perfected full feature leather back chair including pneumatic seat elevation adaptation, in addition to aspect waist assistance.

High Back Ergonomic Desk Chair With Steel Base

VIVA Office High Back Ergonomic Desk Chair

Comfy leather seat, back, head plus waist padding using superior textile upholstery - and a waterfall edge to eradicate leg tiredness.

Versatile Italian arm-rests offer elective support for your elbows in addition fore-arms, all helping to exempt shoulder stress. Synchronous device, steel base, plus superior back support. Adaptable head-rest and leaning tension command.
[Rating: 9/10] £419 Get It → VIVA High Back Desk Chair

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08: High-Back Recline Locking Lower-Back Support Chair

Essentially a strongly recommended professional office chair, appropriate for your working environment, created using top quality materials. A high level of comfort and sturdiness are under consideration as opposed to various other more cost-effective possibilities available.

Lower-Back Support Chair With Black Padded Arm-Rests

High-Back Locking Lower-Back Support Chair

The seat and backside are gathered with high-quality long lasting stainless steel that maintains bodyweight devoid of the desk chair loosing condition, or perhaps the desk chair becoming impaired. This office chair functions elevation and recline modifications.
[Rating: 4.94/5] £59 Details - High-Back Lower-Back Support Chair

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09: Chelsea Gull Wing Arm-Rests High-Back PC Desk Chair

Black leather professional armchair with white coloured piping aspect and dark bonded leather 'soft fill' back padding. There is good lower back assistance with broad 'gull wing' style arm-rests and comfy soft cushioning. Elevation flexible head-rest and gas lift chair height modification.

Arm-Rests Chair In Black With Chrome Effect Base

Chelsea 'Gull Wing' Arm-Rests High-Back Chair

Reclining functionality along with tilt stress, Demands simple personal set-up. Soft bonded leather furnishings with broad seat and nicely padded designer arm-rests. Diverse white stitching detail and sturdy chrome base. Gas lift analysed as much as 150.4Kg.
[Rating: 4.95/5] £153 5 Yellow Stars Details - Chelsea 'Gull Wing' High-Back Chair

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10: Santana Elevate, Tilt Rocker High-Back Modern Chair

High-class design, convenience and sophistication, this luxury management desk chair is in a contemporary style, rich in top quality faux leather furnishings, comfy dual cushioning and heavy duty plastic legs allow it to effortlessly combine directly in to virtually any workplace or office at home.

Tilt And Rocker Function Modern Chair In Black

Santana Tilt And Rocking Office Chair..

It's an effectively cushioned, comfy chair which makes it a pleasure to sit down upon. The gas lift is top rated specification and will last a long time. The tilt reclining procedure means that you can position the office chair for your best possible convenience. It's also possible to begin using this chair like a 'swaying' seat.

Gas Lift Seat Elevation Feature

Extravagant imitation leather and ample cushioning help make this specific office chair an exclusive location to be seated, get the job done, in addition to relieve stress. It can accommodate the necessary elevation and tilt to your ideal level of comfort.
[Rating: 4.94/5] £74 5 Yellow Stars Details - Santana Tilting Modern Chair

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High Back Executive Fabric Office Chairs With Lumbar Support

These fantastic leather high back chairs are not a just private reserve for executives comfort. High-back office chairs are perfect for home use and relaxing in your own study. No need to worry about your posture here, as lumbar support and healthy ergonomic design look after your back.

PC Office Chairs With Reclining Tilt Mechanics

Spruce up your home office today by investing in one of our comfortable high desk chairs with backs for your comfort. Many chairs on this site are very reasonably priced. Fantastic soft leather, or cool mesh backed chairs for every taste. Buy a high back office chair with wheels today, and live a little in high comfort and style.

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