Best 10 Back Support Chair Reviews - Comfy With Lumbar Support

A huge amount of office chairs for bad backs are on the market today, with several features that enhance good lumbar support. Good posture is something that many neglect, and go on to inherit back problems. Finding the most reliable quality chair for back pain starts here.

01: Amstyle Bari Office Chair Genuine Leather Lumbar Support

A comfy professional desk chair utilising an extra elevated back-rest with an ergonomic design, as well as ultra soft cushioning. Stylish, luxurious upholstery with smooth natural top quality cowhide leather. Incorporated lower back assistance in the seat backside plus diverse contrast stitching.

Office Chair In Genuine Leather In Black With Chrome Base

Amstyle Bari Office Chair In Genuine Leather

With lightweight aluminium arm-rests, refined with soft cushioning and a five point synchronous process, independently changeable to the bodyweight. 'Anti-shock safety' included. This comfy ergonomic chair as well as the back is made from premium quality, real leather. Present is a stylish, lustrous aluminium base.

Ergonomic Chair With Synchro System Modified To Bodyweight

Suggested optimum load capability is around 120.3Kg with an advised seat time limitation of 8 hours or more per day. 5 hard floor wheels for wood flooring and tiles etc. Elevation adjusting by gas lift made from quality components. Specifically designed long lasting design.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £279 Details - Bari Office Chair Genuine Leather

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02: Topstar OpenArt Ergonomic Office Chair With 3D Mesh

Luxurious swivelling office chair in a modern style mesh textile with an elevated back-rest and incorporated 'Balance Tec' and flexible lower back support, which helps for a more substantial independence of motion whilst sitting down, as well as assisting your lower back.

Ergonomic Office Chair In Black And Red Finish

Topstar OpenArt Ergonomic Office Chair

Easy synchro mechanism for modification of the chair as well as back-rest direction with an additional broad opening perspective for tilting back comfort locking in the front location. Elevation modifiable arm-rests with comfortable arm pads and size modification via bolting procedure.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £406 Details - Topstar Ergonomic Office Chair

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03: Buerostuhl Aspera Ergonomic Desk Chair Real Cowhide

Aspera is a fashionable desk chair that offers maximal comfort and delivers virtually all the essential qualities to allow you sit down and function comfortably and profitably.

The comfy 4 placement locking system device with broad opening perspective lets you select just about any sitting down placement.

Ergonomic PC Desk Chair With Steel Star Base

Buerostuhl Aspera Ergonomic PC Desk Chair

The cover is in high-grade nappa leather and richly cushioned with aspect quilting. It features a stately appearance and the framework is 'polished up' in stylish metal.

The craftsmanship leaves nothing to be sought after - and this particular timelessly graceful desk chair construction comes with elegance and great functionality, accessible at a reasonable price.
[Rating: 9/10] £259 Get It → Aspera Ergonomic Desk Chair

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04: E.Tinsley Ergonomic Chair With Designer Stitching

This is a fashionable, light brown leather-faced, high quality professional desk chair provided by Eliza Tinsley. This large, high-back desk chair includes an amply proportioned seat and back-rest, utilising an incorporated head rest, shaped lumbar support and moderate waterfall for the chair front.

Chair In Black Finish With Polished Stainless Steel Base

Eliza Tinsley Comfortable Ergonomic Chair

Fashionable style utilising comprehensive stitching on the chair as well as back-rest. The chrome arm rests possess coordinating light brown natural leather padding and uses a 5 star solid chrome base with twin-wheel, hooded castors to guarantee excellent motion.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £263 Details - E.Tinsley Comfortable Ergonomic Chair

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05: Topstar Sitness 3D (Orthoseat) Health Chair Red Mesh

This is a popular health and fitness rotating desk chair utilising trademarked (Orthoseat) and three-dimensionally portable chair design. The back-rest with 'allow air through' mesh covering is ergonomically designed to aid your back in the best possible manner.

(Orthoseat) Health Chair With Red Seat And Black Elements

Topstar Sitness 3D (Orthoseat) Health Chair

There is a permanent mechanism for the modification of the back-rest perspective and stageless locking by means of handle on the right-hand aspect. Stageless elevation variable via Toplift and attractive, strong chromed steel base, designed with braked double castors, ideal for carpeting.
(Rating: 4.94/5) £279 Details - Topstar (Orthoseat) Health Chair

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06: HJH Racer Sport Chair With Tilt And Good Spine Support

Modern designed office chair in a rather cutting-edge style, the Racer Sport applies the style of speed straight on your workspace, regardless of whether at home, or in your business office. Sports seat style office chair with smooth running coasters.

Racer Sport Chair With Adjustable Tilt In Bright Red And Grey Finish

HJH Racer Sport Chair With Adjustable Tilt

Adjustable tilting procedure to unwind in. A heavily padded office chair and back-rest with attractive stitching. Durable curved arm-rests with comfortable padding for support may be elevated upwards if desired. Very comfortable upholstery, eye-catching and durable, trendy base.
(Rating: 4.93/5) £152 Details - HJH Racer Chair Spine Support

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07: Topstar Wellpoint Ergonomic Desk Chair Synchro Mechanics

Snug pivot office chair with comfy moulded upholstery and an extra high back-rest with moulding around the lower back vertebra to support the back. An elevation adaptable chair that uses raster mechanics. The pressure effect of the back-rest can be fine-tuned singularly to bodyweight.

Ergonomic Desk Chair In All Black Exterior

Topstar Wellpoint Ergonomic Desk Chair

Elaborate as well as strong black polyamide base, designed with braked dual wheel castors, which are appropriate for most hard and carpeted floors.

This chair includes elevation variable arm rests, which are width variable using bolting with radial flexible and comfortable arm padding.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £216 Details - Wellpoint Chair Synchro Mechanics

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08: Fashionable Romeo Modern Office Chair Height And Tilt

Comfortable, appealing leather desk chair with integrated head-rest and firmly cushioned arms. Stylish chrome outlining around the arms and base helps make this particular chair become both contemporary and very good value professional office chair.

Modern Office Chair In Black With Sturdy Chrome Style Base

Romeo Modern Office Chair Height And Tilt

Bonded leather home office chair with good lower back support and twin handle durable apparatus nylon base with chrome covering. Smooth cushioned arms, gas lift analysed as much as 150.4Kg with an advised 8 hours utilisation under normal sitting circumstances.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £237 Details - Romeo Modern Office Chair

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09: HJH Pro-Tec Ergonomic Mould Office Chair 3 Mode

The Pro-Tec durable professional office chair is for home or office use and entirely outfitted with a top quality finish - and therefore configured for constant function.

The (Synchro Relax) device offers high sitting comfort and may be securely locked in three points. In addition to the seating elevation, it's possible to likewise correct the seat range separately.

Ergonomic Office Chair With Black Arm Rests

HJH Pro-Tec Ergonomic High Back Office Chair

The seat plus back-rest are cushioned enjoyably firm and due to it's ergonomic configuration, the back-rest 'supports the lower back' area and the arm-rests are height flexible.

Due to the sturdy structure and in addition the special seating cover which can resist even heavy burdens, you'll relish this computer office chair for years.
[Rating: 9/10] £198 Get It → HJH Pro-Tec Ergonomic Office Chair

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10: Songmics Height Versatile Special Chair For Back Pain

An ergonomic long-wearing special chair for back pain with reassuring stability and curved arm-rests, tray, castors and gas lift that's entirely screened through BIFMA - and merchandise equilibrium time-tested by SGS.

It adopts a big five-star foot mount with a size of 700 mm, high calibre components and first-class PU leather textile. The high density compact cushion possesses estimable elasticity for long-term usage, plus superior castors for less impairment to flooring.

A Special Chair For Back Pain With Footrest

Songmics Special Chair For Back Pain

It accommodates for hard flooring, for example parquet floors, laminate, ceramic tile, plastics including an appropriate concept ergonomic contrived cushion to reduce neck stress and advantageously accommodate the physique.

Feel comfortable whenever positioning thanks to the 135 degrees angle seat tilt as well as the foot rest. Beautifully constructed office chair with superior back support including versatile tilt, plus elevation lift mechanism to guarantee safety for all.
[Rating: 9/10] - £108 Get It → Songmics Special Chair For Back Pain

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Office Chair For Back Pain Reviews - Desk Chairs With Lumbar Support

You can have excellent lower back support chairs now that don't cost the earth. Office chairs for bad backs are abundant on the web and in many furniture stores.

Ergonomic posture office chairs give good back support when sitting at your desk for a few hours or more. They are shaped in such a way that your spine is supported in all the important areas. Posture will improve with regular sitting on a 'special chair for back pain' alleviation.

Dynamic sitting features support your spine alignment, and result in healthy posture and relatively less back pain. So go and get your chic designer office chair for ultimate comfort, versatility, health and efficiency.

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