10 Best Extension Leads With Switch - All Surge Protected

Our best surge protector extension lead switched units are just right if you demand to link-up devices whenever there's only one outlet accessible. 3 to 10 gang surge protector plug arrangements that cut-off the electricity if virtually any variations are noticed. Smoothly control by switch effortlessly. See our electric paper shredders.

01: Orico x4 Lengthy Switched Power Surge Protector

This excellent 4 gang switched power surge protector with over load safety is a 1.8 metres extendable lead that supplies four 13 Amp GB electrical sockets from a single UK wall structure outlet, allowing a number of RoHS qualified gadgets to be employed at any single time, though emptying up desired outlets for other appliances.

Well suited for checking up on the variety of mobile phones and peripherals in homes and office buildings that want recharging. This particular extension lead includes four USB swift boosting ports to charge mobile phones and Tablet PC's as well as built-in wire which allows full versatility in putting the extension lead to your comfort.

x4 USB Power Surge Protector In White

Integrated protection shutters and an over load circuit breaker instantly reduce the electricity if the extension socket wire continues loaded. Maximum 3250 Watts to safeguard your gadgets from electric power surges, it's provided with an essential 13 Amp fused GB 3 pin connector to match UK home plug wall sockets.

4 x 2.4A intelligent USB recharging ports release specified power sockets and permit you to control diverse 5V DC USB empowered gadgets, which include Apple iPhones, iPads, Samsung equipment, additional mobile phones and tablet PC, DAB FM radio, E-Cigarette and many others without monopolising 3 pin connectors.

The outlets contain safety shutters, plus the over load safeguard quickly sections off the electric if the extension lead continues to get inundated, and shields your inter-connected electrical home appliances. Straight forward procedure on/off swap incorporates a recessed style, protecting against unintentional shut downs. Dependability assured CE, RoHS as well as BS qualified with 2 years consumer warranty.
[Rating: 9/10] - £16 Get It → Orico Power Surge Protector

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02: ElecNewel Individually Switched Extension Lead

4 way individually switched extension lead surge protector with dual USB power boosting slots, safeguarding your router, notebooks, printing machines, modems, audio speakers as well as other useful gadgets against spikes.

Dependable, secure and easy to operate independent electrical switch plus individual indicator light system. It's more power economising, merely open the one you require and shut down the one you do not want.

Switched Lead 4 Way In White And Grey

Flame retardant 750 degrees Centigrade minus burning, 120 degrees Centigrade without deformation, created fire-proof retardant components utilised, which achieves a higher grade safety criteria, and possesses a striking incombustible property plus substantial electric powered 'insulation' functioning.

Twin secure concept with over-current plus overload security, 6.6 foot long wire extension satisfies practically all your home or office necessitates.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £15 Get It → Individually Switched Lead 4 Way

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03: SMJ 1.5m Cable 6 Way Switched Extension Lead

This impressive surge fortified 6 way switched extension lead features a 1.5 metres long wire and is accommodated with separately switched outlets which possess an electrical power and surge signal in bright blue coloured neon.

6 Way Switched Extension Lead In All Black

Safeguarding your electric particulars nicely and is consequently just right for household Television sets and sound equipment, electrical power devices and your transportable gadgets.

Completed in black colour to correspond your household products, this first-class merchandise has been contrived to entirely abide with cutting-edge UK safety criteria and power equipment protection rules.
[Rating: 9/10] - £26 Get It → SMJ 6 Way Switched Extension Lead

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04: Status 8 Way Extension Lead Individually Switched

An 8 way separately switched extension outlet that's appropriate for deployment with PC, sound and video recording gear plus additional sensitive power gadgets. Sockets delivers all with their personal 6 switch, 2 metre cable and neon signal 13 amp graded.

The surge security will actuate throughout a power or perhaps mains powered surge, safeguarding all your power home or work place appliances.

8 Way Extension Lead Switched With Black Wire

The power extension lead offers power wherever you demand it. Accessible in black colour, it is adjustable and versatile. Reusable components, CE endorsed plus issued in lustrous retail container, high calibre and compatibility for security.
[Rating: 9/10] - £12 Get It → Status 8 Way Extension Lead

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05: DoYI 10 Socket Surge Protected Extension Lead 4m

Incomparable 10 socket surge protected extension lead with 4 USB slots to charge up as much as 14 gadgets at the same time - for example smartphone, tablet computer, PC, lighting and more besides, plus appropriate for home base or perhaps work place deployment.

Using this excellent USB power extension wire, you can connect 4 additional electronics and simply not exhaust all the outlets with battery charging etc. The gap in between every outlet is large enough for just about any British connector since the outlet is arranged in each aspect of the block per level.

Big 10 Socket Surge Extension Lead With Bright LED

This highly popular electric socket delivers with a dependable sized lead, so it's possible to position it farther away from the outlet - and the wire may additionally be wound directly in to the bottom for safe keeping as you like.

Every layer possesses it's own electrical power switch as well as LED illumination, which allows you to speedily and securely manage the circulation of power with an individual touch/contact. Protection guaranteed using the integrated over-current and heating, over-voltage plus short-circuit safety and CE endorsed.
[Rating: 9/10] - £29 Get It → DoYI 10 Socket Surge Extension Lead

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06: EnnoTek 4 Gang Switched Extension Lead x5 USB

Interior electrical power surge-protected 4 gang switched extension lead with 5 USB charging ports enables you to secure your sensitive digital gear against the harming consequences of surges or spikes.

4 way 13A GB outlet including individual electrical switch. This impressive surge protector converts an electric outlet to 4 separately interchanged 13 Amp GB sockets, so it's possible to comfortably command the power flow on every connector.

4 Gang Extension Lead With Plugged Gadgets

Quick battery charger with 5 intelligent USB power slots and adaptable output adequate to 2.4 Amps for every slot to boost all your iPhones, iPads - in addition smart phones, tablet PC's and restricted electrical power outlets.

This surge secure 4 way extension lead additionally incorporates LED lit signal for both electrical power in red, plus surge protection in a blue colour to demonstrate that power is linked securely and set-up to deploy.
[Rating: 9/10] - £24 Get It → EnnoTek 4 Gang Extension Lead

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07: iSelector 4 Way Switch Extension Lead With USB

A surge fortified 4 way switched extension lead with 5 handy USB ports that offers spike security against voltage variations, surges including spikes to secure your important devices. The 5 quick USB power boosting ports returns as much as 2.4A production, 40 Watts 8A and individual electrical switch command for plugged gadgets.

Switched Extension Lead With 5 USB Ports

Energy economising safeguarding CE in addition ROHS licensed, anti-fire PC components, safety against over-current and heating up, over-volt as well as short-circuit. 2 metres 13A fused British connector. Extension cable, user instructions plus 12 months guarantee.
[Rating: 9/10] - £24 Get It → iSelector 4 Way Switched Extension Lead

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08: Mscien 5 Way Extension Lead Individually Switched

Security cap protected extremely versatile 5 way extension lead individually switched type with an average deployment of 8 years. Really dense top 'quality copper' using original inter-locking system. Less assailable elasticity and two-way block, interior core 850 degrees so heat will not cause issue.

Lead Individually Switched With Colour Options

Interior and exterior PVC components are practically all constructed of flame-proof orchestrating plastic, fulfilling up to 850 degrees heat or fire. Drastically high criteria configuration, 365 days maximum load and does not combust.
[Rating: 9/10] - £14 Get It → Mscien 5 Way Lead Individually Switched

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09: HenWeit Power 6 Gang High Calibre Switched Lead

This highly recommended 6 gang switched lead is integrated embracing anti-fire ABS PC components with 3 metres long electrical power cord. Multi display plus 2 gaps accessible on the rear so you are able to select wall structure mounting or perhaps floor placing upright as you desire.

Fashionable conception 6 individual switch toggle options are more leisurely and electricity economising, and the 6 red signals prompt you whether on/off condition.

6 Gang Switched Power Lead With iPad In White

Protection secure electrical power strip is CE FCC certified with earth connectivity, anti-thunder strategy for over load safety, over-heating security as well as short-circuit safety.

Broad application 6 gang AC sockets adapter accessible for home base cooking area, electronics, for example Television set, cooling fan, refrigerator, PC, oven, printer machines.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £15 Get It → Henweit 6 Gang Switched Power Lead

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10: Vinteky Individually Switched 4 Way Electric Lead

This impressive 4 gang extension cable features several practical utilisations in and about the household, organised for use wherever you require to link-up multi sockets ranging from individual plugs or mains powered resource.

Extremely robust and constructed of substantial components that makes it appropriate for sound or visual gear, PC, household machines etc.

4 Way Electric Lead With White 3 Pin

Expend phone gear, electrical power instruments in addition to gardening machinery and so forth. Just right for home base as well as work place usage, effortless to function, connect directly in to your present GB outlet.

Input electric potential 250V input electric current 13A with lead size of 2.7 metres British connector. With the electrical switch, you can switch off minus using the outlet. x2 5V 2.1A USB power slots that may be expended to boost mobile phones, tablet PC's.
[Rating: 9/10] - £14 Get It → Vinteky Switched Electric Lead

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Surge Protector Extension Leads For All Home Appliances

Multi gang power surge protector leads with separate switches that incorporate extended power wires to charge office devices, for example PC's, laptop computers, printing machines, modems and audio speakers etc. They comprise the protection to additionally secure your gear from electrical spikes made by inconstant power resources.

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