10 Best Rated Contemporary Computer Chairs With High Back

Sheer comfort, style and complete versatility spring to mind when we think about contemporary office chairs on sale today. We have a wide selection of beautiful and healthy back support stylish home office chairs in stunning designs for you to review on our site. See our designer desk chairs too.

01: Tinsley Waffle Leather Executive Office Chair With Recline

One of the top selling contemporary office chairs today. It is comfy and inexpensive, however, it offers comfort with regard to working in the office for extended durations. This particular director chair features a black smooth leather finish with white coloured, diverse sections and fixed cushioned arms for that trendy appearance.

Leather Executive Office Chair In Black And White

Eliza Tinsley Waffle Office Chair

The stitching design provides clean lines with an attractive fine detail. Integrating deep foam padding on the chair, it may be easily employed for the workplace, or even modest home business offices for around 8 hours per day comfort.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £78 Details - Waffle Leather Exec Office Chair

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02: Topstar Yoga Contemporary Fitness Body Joint Swivel Chair

Contemporary designed swivel office chair with simple to manage retracting system, as well as (Body Balance TecJoint), which can be incorporated within the chair. High and ergonomically contoured shape back-rest with moulding around the lumbar vertebrae to assist the backbone.

Swivel Chair In Red With Chrome Base

Topstar Yoga Fitness Swivel Chair

Stageless elevation adaptable by way of Toplift, which is LGA tested. Attractive and strong finished aluminium base, furnished with braked double wheel safety castors, ideal for carpeted floor surfaces. Seat with a black material cover in polyester.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £800 Details - Topstar Yoga Tec Swivel Chair

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03: Charles Eames Swivel Tilt Padded Office Chair

There are several copies accessible from the popular Eames desk chair with different selling prices, as well as degrees of quality. This version of the chair is padded in high quality semi-aniline comfy natural leather with a top quality gas pump to regulate the height.

Tilt, Padded Office Chair In Red With Polished Base

Charles Eames Swivel Tilt Office Chair

Additionally, you can make use of the locking mechanism in the chair. Set it in place to avoid any kind of dipping etc. There's even the choice of modifying the tension so a lighter in weight individual is still in a position to tilt the chair back, as it demands significantly less pressure.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £149 Details - Charles Eames Swivel Office Chair

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04: Miadomodo Contemporary Home Office Chair In Red

The stylish design of this pivot desk chair may be enjoyed using versatile and colourful interiors. Regardless if you function this swivel office chair in the work place or perhaps household, it's very comfy and stylish.

Select between red, blue or maybe black. A fashionable appearance, however additionally with it's ergonomic configurations, you sit down comfortably following a lengthy day.

Contemporary Style Office Chair In Black And Red

Miadomodo Contemporary Style Office Chair

Supplied is cushy and comfy upholstery of the chair plus the back-rest. For cleansing, it's sufficient to wipe it with a moist fabric.

A sturdy turning desk chair for the office, or even home office with it's forward-looking construction. Selectable in the colours you love. Ergonomic contours for optimum comfort, plus soft bolstered seat and back.
[Rating: 9/10] £79 Get It → Miadomodo Contemporary Office Chair

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05: HjH VENDO Lumbar Support Office Chair Flexible Arms

This is a present-day chair including super characteristics, constructed of light mesh and durable fabric. The graceful lines of this particular chair feature an impressive appearance.

The mesh expended appears just about transparent, and in addition expresses an unspeakable elegance. This particular edition features split back support and built-in hanger on the rear, which is nicely integrated.

Lumbar Support Office Chair With Red Seat

HjH Lumbar Support Office Chair

It proposes that additional comfort you require at your desk. Leaning mechanics to ease reclining in order to unwind uninterrupted seat height adaptation.

5 fold extremely versatile folding arm rests including soft bolstering layer. High back-rest including head assistance, and the intensity of the back-rest perspective is separately adaptable and agreeing to user body weight.
[Rating: 9/10] £104 Get It → HjH Lumbar Support Chair

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06: Shankar Memphis Ergonomic Office Chair With Tilt

This new office chair with a contemporary, sophisticated style is an attractive modern-day stylish design. The Shankar leather desk chair is well suited for virtually any specialised surroundings, or just perfect in the home office.

Ergonomic Office Chair In Black - Side View

Shankar Memphis Ergonomic Office Chair

The 'flexible elevation and tilt' ensure excellent mobility with an ergonomic option, in addition to it's sophisticated style. Perfect for equally business and residential locations, this chair is available in three flexible colours, cream, white and black, plus brown. It offers chrome armrest and stainless-steel base and plastic wheels.
(Rating: 4.94/5) £141 Details - Shankar Memphis Ergonomic Chair

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07: HJH Real Leather Office Chair EMBASSY

The management office chair EMBASSY is rather elegant - and selling for a good price. This desk chair provides a mixture of ergonomic seating, technology advances, design and style. With modifications and straightforward, but sophisticated design, your place of work is a feel-good area.

Real Leather Office Chair EMBASSY In All Black Exterior


Comfortable, shock absorbing, broad seat and high back rest with incorporated headrest. As a result of it's big seat and high back, this chair is ideal for tall individuals. Attractive and secure plastic foot foundation with weight dependent braked safety castors.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £208 Details - HJH Real Leather Chair EMBASSY

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08: Topstar Open Point Modern-Day Syncro Office Chair

Contemporary syncro swivelling ergonomic desk chair which supports the intervertebral discs in a fashionable mesh design. The chair height is variable in a variety of placements through Toplift. With a high ergonomically shaped back rest is height versatile by a distinct locking technique.

Tilt Syncro Office Chair In Red And Black Finish

Topstar Open Point Syncro Office Chair

Attractive as well as strong chromed foundation designed with braked safety castors for carpeted flooring. Elevation flexible arm rests incorporated. Seat with a red material covering. Specific castors for hard flooring like marble and natural stone etc.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £190 Details - Topstar Tilt Office Chair

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09: Madrid Home Office Chair With Lumbar Support

Trendy chair with additionally high and broad back-rest with shaped cushioning in the head section of this high-quality, leather-based seat. Perfect for big or tall individuals, due to the long seat of 55.5cm, rather than smaller regular size.

Home Office Chair With Lumbar Support In Black Leather Finish

Madrid Office Chair With Lumbar Support

Sophisticated, advanced and opulent cushioning with contrast stitching in bright white. The base is made from plastic and varnished aluminium with black covering. Strong framework for solidity with appropriate smooth castors for carpeted flooring.
(Rating: 4.94/5) £106 Details - Madrid Home Office Chair With Lumbar Support

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10: Sturdy Romeo Leather Based Modern Managers Office Chair

The Romeo chair offers comfortable, appealing leather with integrated head-rest as well as nicely cushioned arms. Chrome outlining around the arms and base makes this equally a contemporary and exceptional value management office chair.

Modern Style Managers Office Chair In Black

Romeo Modern Managers Office Chair

Bonded leather with double handle system. Plastic base with chrome cover and comfortable cushioned arms. Foldable back and powerful gas lift screened at approximately 150Kg. 8 hours sitting in comfort recommended.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £237 Details - Sturdy Romeo Modern Office Chair

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11: Amstyle Maglo WinTEX Contemporary Computer Chair

This first-class contemporary computer chair is qualified amid other matters through it's innovative strategy that triggers the back-rest alteration as well as seating elevation modification at the touch modality of a push button.

The control is on the edges of left plus right and the seating is cushioned with high density components, guaranteeing a high grade of comfort for adequate to 8 hours. The back is addressed with the calibre WinTeX net covering, thence ascertaining best comfort.

Pivot Function Contemporary Computer Chair In White

Maglo Contemporary Computer Chair

A modern ergonomic office chair that possesses a specially broad spectrum alteration of the seat elevation adequate to 10 cm. Therefore, the seating elevation of may be corrected to accommodate virtually any physical structure dimensions befittingly.

The entire base is completely enclosed with simply no interrupting control, all put away comfortably. The white flooring wheels complete this highly popular example and it's accessible in orange/white as well as black and white. A great concept home office pivot desk chair in fashionable styling.
[Rating: 9/10] - £174 Get It → Maglo Contemporary Computer Chair

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Modern Ergonomic Office Chair Designs With Good Lumbar Support

Whether you are looking for a leather office chair for your office or home working area, we have contemporary designed chairs here with fantastic quality leather, and features that personalise your sitting experience.

Today's modern office chair utilises advanced features that provide excellent lumbar support. These chairs are so well made, that it's advisable to use them even if you have no back pain issues. Your posture is important if you spend time sitting at a desk.

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A good office chair has several different components that make up the perfect chair. Features such as tilt mechanism with safe locking, full swivel range, plush padded head and arm rests to name only a few.

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