Samsung LS23C350HS Office Monitor, Wide Angle - Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio

From the special Samsung LED monitor series third range, the LS23C350HS features a slim design with straw-coloured gloss stand with HDMI and VGA connection.

Slim LED Design Samsung LS23C350HS PC Monitor With Stylish Black Stand

Magic Upscale will improve the graphic quality of any content material being demonstrated throughout your Samsung monitor so you can take pleasure in clear, sharpened and vivid images regardless of how inadequate the original quality is.

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Samsung LS23C350HS 23 inch Monitor

Samsung LS23C350HS Monitor

5 Star Rating

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Eco saving mode permits you to adjust and save electricity while helping the environmental surroundings. With 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution, the eye-catching 23 inch black gloss monitor is a modern design and style that will supplement any home office or space.

Series 3 Samsung desktop monitors are created to be dependable, well-designed and power efficient, while presenting excellent display quality. These monitors function Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio. MDCR provides substantial degrees of colours to further improve shifting image quality.

Samsung LS23C350HS - The Perfect Second Monitor To Boost Productivity

Not only does this feature improve image quality and heighten vibrancy, but also helps deliverer sharper picture resolution. A static contrast ratio of 1000:1 guarantees premium quality still images and readable textual content.

Samsung's LS23C350HS monitor Magic Upscale technologies increases image quality to present you increased picture quality, regardless of the resolution of the original image. It helps prevent image degradation when scaling up and provides amazing, clean colours and razor-sharp graphics.

The Samsung Office Monitor With More Than 16.6 Million Life Like Colours

The Eco saving function will assist you in conserving power and hard earned cash. You can choose from about three alternatives, the 50% or 25% and power saving off mode, which will make power saving simple, and tailor your office monitor use to meet your personal requirements.

With resolution up to full HD 1920 x 1080, this makes certain that high definition images and video recording displays in HD, while textual content appears to be sharp and well identified. An instant response time of 5 milliseconds indicates this monitor is able to keep up with fast paced activity.

The LS23C350HS office monitor can show up to 16.6 million colours to present you a wide selection that you can see in the real world. A wide watching angle of 170 degrees horizontally and 160 vertically.

This will give you numerous options of where you see the screen from, without having to lose any picture quality. Buy the Samsung LS23C350HS desktop monitor here.

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