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All the latest cordless house phones and reasonable prices on digital cordless phones with answering machine. Choose from single and triple handsets from reliable brands here. Enjoy hands free functions and plenty of talking time with our DECT long-range cordless phones with big push button options. See our switched extension leads.

01: BT 46 Cordless Hands Free Large Button Phone

Perhaps you are exhausted by numerous product sales telephone calls interrupting you in your home. This primary phone brand provides you the brand new one, a cord free big button telephone with incorporated answer machine and call command efficiency that obstructs annoyance or undesired phone calls.

Puts You At The Helm Again

Cordless Large Button Phone in Grey and Black
Cordless Big Button Phone

It's call administration function places you back in control, by letting you pick the calls you need to take - and the ones you would like to permanently obstruct. Developed in the UK, the phone provides you with several great benefits to assist you to keep in touch with your friends and family.

With this big buttoned telephone, you can choose the sort of phone calls you would like to prohibit. For instance, global and withheld numbers can be blacklisted, which are the cause of a large percentage of unwelcome sales phone calls anyway.

Calls nevertheless proceed through to the answer machine, so if there is somebody you would like to listen to, they can still leave a communication. On the other hand, when there are particular phone numbers you need to prohibit, it is possible to block several numbers from succeeding.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £44 Get It - BT Cordless Large Button Phone.

Buy Button Yellow

02: Geemarc Amplidect Cordless House Telephone

A cordless telephone with answering machine that makes it possible for versatility of taking calls, and when you can't simply take the telephone call, but enable the unknown caller to leave a phone message. The hand-set may be amplified by way of approximately 30 decibels utilising a press button.

The truly high in volume ring within the handset coupled with 10 diverse ring tones make certain you do not pass-up that vital telephone conversation. This particular handset permits approximately 50 numbers to be saved in the telephone book. Great system to connect as many as 4 bases and up to five handsets.

Assistive Hearing Cordless Telephone In White Holder

Moving throughout the last 10 numbers on the telephone enables you to dial anyone of these numbers at a press of a key. This cordless phone with answering machine may track record around 15 minutes of communications, however an excellent feature is you are able to call in as well as obtain your communications remotely.

Significant size screen with black font on a white backdrop provide a wonderful contrast for simple studying. Talk time period is 8 hours, stand-by time period is 4 days among recharges. Out doors usage is 300 meters and interior 50 metres. A mains powered lead and telephone wire as well as power pack and user manual are supplied in the package.

Power pack AAA battery packs plus user handbook. Assistive hearing device is most advantageous with flexible volume handling of approximately 30 decibels. Ringer rate of 70 decibels on the handset and 80 dB around the bottom area. Blinking inbound ring signal, responding to equipment with quarter-hour logging time etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £43 Get It → Geemarc Land Line Cordless Telephone

Button Yellow

03: Panasonic Twin Answer Machine DECT Telephone

The DECT offers backlit 1.45 inch screen with an easy to read display and enables easy traversing of the simple menu. The unique TFT LCD allows you to observe both characters and colour photos with a 'GSM similar' clearness, that had not been achievable with the traditional STN super twisted nematic features.

Useful 200 Name And Number Phone Book

Twin Colour DECT in black base station
Twin Colour DECT Phone KX

Up to 200 names and telephone numbers can be inserted and saved. The phonebook permits you to make calls without needing to dial by hand. You merely look for the name, then choose the number you would like to dial. One full charge of the battery will give you about 12 hours of speaking time ahead of the battery requiring a re-charge.

The base station features a pre-installed (Telephone Answering Machine) that instantly answers and takes a communication from the person calling when you are not able to answer the call by yourself. This digital recording technique catches as much as 20 minutes of communications.
(Rating: 4.9/5) - £55 Get It - Panasonic Twin DECT Phone KX

Buy Button Yellow

04: BT Freestyle Hands-Free Digital Cordless Handset

Freestyle 750 offers big buttons, pleasingly big screen text - and is the ideal phone for several useful functions. Providing you a larger style dialing cordless telephone, with a clear screen and large, viewable textual content. It comes as an assistive hearing aid suitable phone in a power efficient bundle.

Generous Talk-Time Up To 12 Hours

Hands-Free Trio Phones in Silver Colour
Freestyle Hands-Free 750 Cordless Trio

Using the Freestyle, you can actually use talk time all the way to 12 hours, plus a standby time as high as 99 hours. Perfect for all those extended discussions, meaning that you can effortlessly take the telephone with you to other areas when conducting a particular activity, or anticipating a crucial phone call, without being concerned about the battery 'reducing' while in standby mode.

The base station incorporates a messaging signal with a very clear digital screen that displays the number of announcements you might have. You can also have the capacity to talk completely hands-free. The included speaker phone permits you to put the phone on either side, then carry on your dialogue while you get on with issues.
(Rating: 4.9/5) - £84 Get It - BT Freestyle Hands-Free Cordless

Buy Button Yellow

05: Gigaset Trio DECT Phone Answer Machine Plus

This phone continues intended to make simpler your home existence. It comes with a big 1.8 inch visual display that provides you very intuitive, immediate access to handy capabilities, which makes it an affordable solution to your everyday phoning demands.

Message Skip-Back Feature

DECT Phone in Black
Trio DECT Phone

The handset and base both equally function (new messages) signals and the exact date and time of the recording is played back whenever you focus on your communications. A 'skip-back' operation will in addition play back the previous couple of moments of a communication, in order for you to finish jotting down essential particulars.

Turn Your Telephone In To A Baby Monitor

A (Baby Phone) functionality will change your phone in to a baby monitor, with configurations assisting it to make interior, or even outside call notifications when your child awakens. It is possible to customise the level of sensitivity of the notification.

It even incorporates a handy talkback functionality, which can be a good choice for conversing with adolescent children from an additional area.
(Rating: 4.9/5) - £83 Get It - Gigaset Trio DECT Phone

Buy Button Yellow

06: BT Xenon DECT Digital Cordless Answer Machine Phone

The wire free telephone set including answer machine extends impressive practicality, demanded whenever it concerns constituting telephone calls.

The 1500 responding machine may consider 25 minutes value of messages, great if you are away or even engaged. Effortless and simple, it's a worthy alternative including 50 name and digit memory incorporated.

Back-Lit DECT Phone With Amber Screen

Xenon 1500 Back-Lit DECT Phone

It provides 5 ring tones, most recent number redial, caller ID feature, phone call log and call option divert in addition to ringer volume level command. It includes as much as 12 hours talk time adequate to 130 hours stand-by time.

Provided is an interior range of equal to 50 metres plus capable of 300 metres open-air distance. The BT telephone set allows you continue the conversation at home or outdoors.
[Rating: 8/10] - £48 Get It → BT Xenon Back-Lit DECT Phone

Button Yellow

07: Quad DECT Panasonic KX-TG Cordless Phone

The DECT ultra stylish phone with LCD display and stylish structure comes with three extra devices and charger station provided.

This item represents the newest KX family, an elegant 2 tone style DECT phone with answer machine that possesses simple to operate functions and 1.8 inch white back-lit screen.

Clear White Back-Lit Screen And Easy Menu..

Hands Free Phones in Silver Style Colour

Quad DECT Hands Free Phone

Along with audio reduction performance, a hands-free speaker telephone function is also integrated on this product, that promises 14 hours talk time, up to 160 hours standby and around 125 phone book records. The clear white backlit screen and simple menu permit you to acquire options and numbers efficiently.

You merely look for the name, then choose the phone number you would like to dial. There is no longer any need to system all your handsets independently, since you can instantly access your phone's saved address book from every other authorised handset inside your home.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £69 Get It - Quad Panasonic Hands Free Phone.

Buy Button Yellow

08: Sagemcom SIXTY Cordless House Phone Landline

Including it's chic curvatures as well as smooth construction, the cable free cordless house phone DECT leaps out for it's futurist styling, which is going to enchant equally exacting end users, in addition to individuals who adore efficient aesthetics.

As well as a top quality finish of silky layer, steel insert plus white association that appends a trace of culture, although the fashionable configuration suits all interior decoration.

Cordless House Phone DECT In Black And White

Cordless House Phone DECT

This ergonomic wire free home phone handset is specially useful for day-after-day deployment. Furnished with a big 1.8 inch back-lit display screen, well-situated keyboard as well as telephone directory for one hundred contacts, this telephone is for the entire household with it's numerous features.

Placed on it's bottom or perhaps expended in hands free modality, it will please virtually all users.
[Rating: 9/10] - £82 Get It → Sagemcom SIXTY Cordless House Phone

Button Yellow

09: BT Trio Cordless Back-Lit Phone, Answer Machine

The great value cordless phone with answer machine functions every one of the fundamentals you require from a household landline phone. Using a large phonebook, lots of message recording time, lengthy Wi-Fi range and considerable battery life, it is an excellent phone to use in your own home, or in your work environment.

Trendy Looking Back-Lit Display Screen

Digital Cordless Phone in Glossy Black Colour
Trio Digital Cordless Phone

A big phonebook that will keep 50 of your nearest associates close at hand means remaining in contact has never been so simple. Not simply is this telephone cordless, but it includes a large range of up to 300 metres, which means that you can wander around a medium to large size home and back garden without the dialogue eliminating.
(Rating: 4.9/5) - £79 Get It - BT DECT Digital Cordless Phone.

Buy Button Yellow

10: Panasonic Single DECT (SmartPhone Connect) Phone

The contemporary style and first-class efficiency make it noticeable over various other home landline phones. It's one of a kind side to side style makes it simple to seize and grasp, with the hook charger using magnets to guarantee the handset rests firmly in place on the base part.

Big Buttons And Crystal Clear Display

Single DECT (SmartPhone Connect) Phone in Black
Single DECT (SmartPhone Connect) Phone

With genuine metal materials utilised in the phone, you will instantly feel the KX's advanced, luxurious experience. The attractive 2 inch colour LCD display makes sure that numbers and textual content are crystal clear and easy to study, with the on-screen visual interface offering a secured, user-friendly encounter. Big, well outlined buttons make entering and selection straightforward.

The (Caller ID) function can transform text in to dialogue, providing you with a vocal rendering of who is phoning, so you no longer have to observe the display screen to discover who you are talking to.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £79 Get It - Panasonic Single DECT Phone.

Buy Button Yellow

Cordless Landline Telephones With Answer Machine Compared

We hope you enjoyed and find the perfect cordless house phones from our mini reviews here. The twin hands free phones with answering machine and caller ID home phone handsets with call waiting features.

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