BT Hudson Plus 1500 Trio DECT Review | Handsfree Speaker And Copy

The BT Hudson 1500 PLUS DECT cordless telephone trio pack is a truly digital set-up, that also offers an integrated digital answering and adjusting features incorporated. This phone is perfect for in your own home or in your place of work.

(BT Hudson 1500 Features)

BT Hudson 1500 PLUS DECT in Black

BT Hudson 1500 PLUS DECT

5 Star Rating

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This handsfree cordless phone has recently been completed in a very trendy metallic gun metal shade. If anybody desires additional handsets, the BT Hudson 1500 is also accessible in a quad package.

The answering machine already a part of the BT Hudson 1500 PLUS possesses a recording time of up to 25 minutes for communications. Playback of the messages may also be accomplished via the Hudson phone handset, or by means of the base station.

BT Hudson Plus 1500 Trio DECT Cordless Telephone

It is extremely straightforward to identify when a message has been left on the BT Hudson 1500 PLUS from the message counter on the bottom part/base. End users can even dial into the Hudson to access messages remotely at the same time.

Whether it is likely to be searching through the 100 name and number list or viewing the caller display, this substantial 6 line colour back-lit LCD screen allows the BT Hudson PLUS answer phone to read its details without any problems.

10 Polyphonic Tingtones..

The handsets have a handsfree speaker - and it's also feasible to switch the Hudsons inbound ring tones at the same time. Since the BT Hudson is a DECT phone, it uses a digital signal between handset and base station.

A huge range of functions on this model consist of: Conference Call, Call Transfer, Internal Calling, several wallpapers, 10 great Polyphonic ringtones, 5 regular style ringtones, Handset ringer on or off mode, Graphic ring signal, Connected ring tone and 5 Base ringtones.

Handsfree Volume Control And Call Timer

Furthermore, Base ringer on or off, Base ringer volume control, Handsfree, Auto answer, Secrecy, Handset naming, Keypad locking, Power on or off, Earpiece volume management, Handsfree volume control, Call timer, Clock, Alarm, Keypad confirmation tone, Low Battery signal and out of range notification.

Base settings PIN safety, Discover key on base, Call waiting indicator, Answer machine playback by means of handset and base, 2 outward bound messages, Recordable outgoing messages and answer delay. Buy the BT Hudson Plus 1500 Trio DECT cordless telephone.

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