Geemarc Photophone With Customizable Large Buttons And Hands Free Function

Uncover the satisfaction of extended phone calls with the Geemarc ClearSound big buttoned PhotoPhone100. This substantial telephone was created for genuine simplicity of use.

The large buttons possess a sharpened colour comparison to make it easier to view, with a curvy appearance to make them simpler to feel for those with joint disease or restricted range of motion.

Geemarc ClearSound Phone
Geemarc ClearSound Phone

B Button

Using it's principal functions, the 8 large, fully customisable image control keys, the small plastic protector can be elevated to suit - in a photo, or slip of paper beneath. Everything you need to dial out is to grab the phone, then press on one of the 'graphic control keys' and it is going to instantly link up for you.

Distinctive Ergonomic Design For Simplicity Of Use

Great features, which makes the PhotoPhone 100 a perfect alternative for the youthful, the aged and all individuals who can by no means recall phone numbers. The ClearSound 100 telephone is likewise amplified, increasing to around 30 dB, with volume level management. It has tone command to modify the pitch of the phone to your own hearing difficulties.

Geemarc Phone 100 Pulse And Tone Selector - Ringer Visual Signal

The 'telecoil' concealed within the handset furthermore makes it completely hearing aid appropriate. An extra loud variable speakerphone makes family telephone calls a genuine enjoyment. Additional benefits of the PhotoPhone is that it doesn't need any electrical power to function. Plug it into the phone line and it is all set to go.

Extra Clear Character Types For Different Contrast

The Geemarc ClearSound corded photo phone is the ideal home telephone for many who experience difficulty recalling telephone numbers, have a problem with there ability to hear, trouble regarding visual acuity, or who demand a big sized key phone. Not simply are the control keys truly big, but photos of relatives and buddies can be placed directly on top.

Handy 3 One Touch Memory Controls

You can basically 'press the photograph' to contact the selected individual. The photo switches are completely specific to the telephone number buttons, so it's much easier to utilize and get in contact with friends and family. Adaptable receiving volume level and flexible receiving tone commands. Get the Geemarc Photo Phone 100 cord telephone here.

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