Panasonic's New KX-TG6822EB Twin DECT Phone With Answer Machine

The Panasonic KX-TG6822EB Twin is a fashionable 2 tone style DECT telephone with answer machine. It possesses a rather simple to operate handset with a clear white, back light display screen and Panasonic's true 'audio reduction' performance.

Caller ID - Inward Call Barring Plus Night Mode..

A hands free speaker phone functionality is also incorporated on this design, which provides 15 hours talk time, as much as 167 hours standby time and approximately 125 phone book records. This product likewise goes along with the accessibility to a useful key finder item, which can be bought independently. 2 handsets are included in this particular Panasonic phone bundle.

Panasonic KX-TG6822EB Twin DECT Phone in Black And Silver
Panasonic KX-TG6822EB Twin

B Button

Big, Clear 1.8 Inch White Back lit Display Screen..

The Panasonic KX collection consists of the following style characteristics to improve its appearance and help simplicity of use. The big 1.8 inch white back lit display screen and simple menu enable you easy admittance to features and numbers, easily and quickly. With the lit-up keypad, whenever you push any press button - the principle keys become illuminated to help you effortlessly see all of them, even in complete darkness.

Access Phone's Address Book From Another Phone

Up to 120 names and telephone numbers can be inserted and saved. The phonebook enables you to make calls and never have to dial by hand. You merely look for the name, then choose the phone number you would like to dial up.

There is absolutely no longer any need to 'system' all your handsets separately, as you can instantly access your phone's located address book from almost every other documented handset inside your home.

Pest Call Control And One Touch Eco Settings..

Perhaps you are already aware that you simply do not need to put up with pest telephone calls. This telephone features a call blocking function, that will deny calls from particular phone numbers you don't really want to respond to.

It needs a registration to a 'caller ID' provider, but as soon as activated - you can choose which phone numbers to block. You may also bar outward bound numbers, such as expensive rate telephone numbers from becoming dialled.

More Features Of The Panasonic DECT Pair Of Phones..

When an outdoor call has been received, the caller details are viewable. Caller facts going back for over '45 callers are logged' in the caller record from the most current call to the earliest. This needs a caller ID membership, but be sure to contact a service provider or organization for information beforehand.

Handy Night Mode Trigger..

When you have to put your infant to rest at nighttime, it's an easy task to establish those times when you do not want the telephone to ring, so you will not get disrupted. With the handy 'Night Mode' triggered - the ringer is turned off and the handset will flash 'noiselessly' if you find any inward bound phone call.

The Intelligent Smart Performance Key...

The Panasonic Smart Performance Key on the handset flashes based on the circumstance if you find an inbound call, or a communication has been 'kept'. Pushing the button, for example, instantly takes you to your skipped calls and communications. If you want to maintain your phone in the bedroom, you don't need any independent, noisy alarms.

Using The Lost Phone Locator Switch

The Panasonic alarm functionality allows you to fix an alternative wake-up time for every day of the full week, where the Snooze function sounds the alarm each and every few minutes. Perhaps you can not find or recall where you left the BT phone, see below!

No trouble, simply press the locator switch on the base station and the phone will ring. One touch Eco settings allow you to reduce the power usage by one touch pushing the Eco press button on the device. In Eco function, the transmission output is decreased by 92 percent. Buy the Panasonic stylish KX TG6822EB Twin DECT cordless telephone here.

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