BT Diverse 7460 Review - Answer Machine 27 Minutes - Voice Mail, Caller ID

The BT Diverse 7460 Plus digital cordless telephone is the diverse repeater option and the Diverse Plus is the top quality cordless phone in the new BT collection, which contains an internal digital answering device.

Handsfree Features, Automatic Answering And Secrecy With BT Diverse

If one or more device is necessary, then the Diverse 7400 additional handset is required to be obtained separately at the same time. The Diverse selection has long been an increasingly popular variety of home and company telephone.

BT Diverse 7460 Plus Digital Cordless Telephone

BT Diverse 7460 Plus Digital

5 Star Rating

B Button

(Main BT Phone Features)

One primary reason the Diverse range is so well-loved is they are reputable and simple to work with.

You will also be delighted to learn this has not differed over time. The dimensions of the 7460 Plus cordless device is small in size, however, not too modest like a number of mobile devices on the market today.

In addition, the buttons on the modern Diverse phone Plus are nice and wide, plus possess a luxurious black appearance to boot. With a digital recording time of 27 minutes, there is certainly an abundance of storage space for inbound callers communications.

BT Diverse 7460 DECT Phone With Answer Machine

People can record there individual outward bound communications, and in many cases access the device remotely. The answering machine is likewise not difficult to implement considering the buttons are obviously noticeable on the unit.

Clear, Straightforward Dialing And Menus..

One of the advantages of the Diverse phone range could be that the design is both simple and efficient to employ. Menus are easy to get around, and buttons are not too small, however the handset is reasonably compact. The 7460 phone is likewise very stylish, completed in a modern black design.

Altogether, up to 5 cordless handsets can be authorised to this BT phone base station, just the thing for discovering handsets in other spaces - anyplace inside its range with no need for an additional phone socket as the handsets function remotely from the primary base network.

Polyphonic Ring Tones

Ordinarily in the household, this range is up to 50 metres (164 Ft) and outside the house up to 300 metres (984 Ft) in total. Additional functions on the BT Diverse 7460 Plus incorporate polyphonic ring tones, decent regular ring tones, a graphic ring indicator and volume command.

There is a VIP indicator light, a SIM card reader and writer, rapid dial memories, hands free phone system, headset socket, auto answer feature, secrecy function, handset identifying, keypad locking mechanism and a call timer.

Unique Phone Keypad Located on The Base

Other handy features include a clock, low battery indicator, an out of spectrum indicator as well as including a belt clip for ease of use. This phone incorporates a low energy power supply and recyclable product packaging.

The BT Diverse 7460 cordless phone is an exceptional device with a phone keypad on the base in addition to the cordless device. Buy the BT Diverse 7460 DECT phone with answer machine here.

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