Gigaset 300A Trio DECT | Back-Lit LCD Display - Answer Machine, 21 Ringtones

With refined detailing and created with high calibre materials and better grade technology, the popular Gigaset C300A Trio constitutes communicating with acquaintances and family a genuine delight compared with other phones.

This is an advanced DECT phone with superior functioning and incorporated answering machine inside.

Gigaset C300 Trio Phone Set With Answer Machine

Sporting a cordless phone with a high-tech structured answering machine, the Gigaset C300A Triple is a dependable, technological winner. The 25 minute answering machine sports real crystal-clear lucidity guaranteeing all messages are encountered intelligibly.

Gigaset C300A Trio DECT - 3 phones in silver and black

Gigaset C300A Trio DECT

5 Star Rating

B Button

(Main Features)

Interpreting and 'piloting' the phone menu is somewhat easy and favourable via the prominent colour display with four assorted colour systems to select from.

The long talking and standby time of up to 20 - 300 hours entail that you'll be able to talk for extensive periods as often as you wish. All this without concern of the phone's battery life.

Gigaset DECT Cordless Phone Answer Machine

Plus, with the Gigaset's Eco DECT engineering with zero radiation syndrome constitutes the Gigaset C300A is an Eco-friendly alternative and a more affordable selection as well.

All Gigaset phones are configured and factory-made in Germany. In a trial run few years ago, every separate top 40 telephone set in the Which Best Buy guidebook was made up by the Gigaset phone brand.

Gigaset C300 Trio Cordless Phone With Answering Machine

Every prototype Gigaset phone is submitted to a range of endurance trials to ensure first grade calibre and dependableness. Whenever even the littlest flaw is ascertained, it's shipped back to the creator for a 'rethink'.

Gigaset C300 Phones Are Tested Several Times

Gigaset phones can be 'subscribed inactive' by the head technologist and will receive a range of demanding 'machine operated screens' projected to imitate any kind of accident to the telephone in household surroundings. Every telephone set is projected to comfortably hold up in the most rigorous of handlings day after day.

Gigaset C300A Trio DECT - Made in Germany

These phones are constructed in Germany to demanding stipulations, permitting you to delight in an extensive 2 year guarantee. In endurance trials, the keypad push button is pushed hundreds of thousands of times. Each handset charging round is triggered 20000 times. Furthermore, every handset is positioned in to a 'typical mans' trouser pocket comprising debris and dust numerous times over.

Cordless Phone With Answering Machine And 25 Minutes Recording

But that's not all, each phone is submitted to a range of temperature shocks from -20 to +56 degrees Celsius and every phone is literally dropped on it's edge and sidelong 16 times from differing heights and impacts. Since Gigaset are so totally assured in the quality and dependability of their handsets, you will get an additional twelve months warranty included.

Gigaset C300 Trio Triple Cordless Phone HSP Technology

The C300A answering machine, with bright characteristics delivers accessible features that conform to your 'engaged life-style' requirements. With adequate to around 25 minutes recording time, you will be able to be certain that all of your messages will get through to you. For your utmost convenience, performance of the answering machine is fully conceivable from both the base station and remotely through the handset itself.

'Record All Conversations' on Gigaset C300 Trio Phone Answering Machine

Individualise your greeting set or just operate the automatic greeting provided. The choice is yours, but you will benefit from (date and time-stamped) messages confirmed on your handset or base station unit. Perhaps you want to record your conversations, then that is no bother with the C300A conversation recording readiness features.

Superior telephone structure is matched with a surprisingly, very clear sound quality via the new 'HSP technology' discovered on all Gigaset telephone sets. Now you can delight in attention-getting and accessible invention.

The pleasing conception of the Gigaset C300A phone features 'unambiguous tolerability' in a contemporary, still classical expression. With a superior material built ergonomic computer keyboard, ordering calls is made super easy.

Gigaset C300A Trio DECT Answerphone Colour Schemes

Using the large font size on the big (1.7 inches) 4.31 cm colour display is painless to interpret and you'll be able to likewise 'tailor-make the display' with one of the 4 colour schemes offered so you can speak day long, and often.

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