iDECT Cordless Telephone With Blue Back Lit Keypad And LCD Display - Hands-Free

At first glance, the Eclipse Plus by iDECT is a dramatic looking digital telephone set and answering machine, configured with an smooth elliptic contour component. To a greater extent it's similar to a Henry Moore sculpture than a functioning telephone.

Stylish And Minimalist iDECT Answering Machine Cordless Phone

This arty communication device's shapes and curvatures merge with a minimalist fashion to build an incomparable tech gadget for any modern themed home office or living space.

(Main Features)

iDECT Eclipse Plus Cordless Phone

iDECT Eclipse Plus Phone

5 Star Rating

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Delight in an extended battery lifespan with a 'long talk-time' of equal to 12 hours (that's a half day!) and standby time of up to 230 hours. Yes, this stylish iDect telephone will carry on and on without charging up for a long time. A modest energy Eco-friendly mode likewise guarantees that you are economising on electrical energy waste.

The phone book memory is capable of stocking a large 200 telephone numbers, so you will be able to preserve all of your acquaintances and family's particulars close by. Although it will also register the last 10 inbound call items so you'll be able to keep on top of who has been phoning you with their details.

Hands Free Speaker Telephone For Multi-Tasking

The cosmopolitan detailing of this iDect Eclipse phone does not merely lend oneself to the anatomy alone. It likewise offers a cool blue 'back lit keypad' and clear bright display, constituting it elementary to read even at night time in darkness. See Video Below!

iDECT Cordless Phones With Answering Machine

The Eclipse cordless phone allows you to relay messages back via the handset with a recording time of around 30 minutes in total. A hands free speaker telephone will permit you to delight in phone call gossiping for hours, even when your are multi-tasking at home, or just share a 'chin wag' with somebody else in the same building if you get bored.

Video Of The Artistic Looking iDECT Cordless Phone

The Eclipse cordless phones with internal answering machine compounds contemporary elan, worldliness and first-of-its-kind conception with a mix of tech genius and some aspiration from way back in the hippy sixties. The principal characteristics of this neat device include an inbuilt digital answer machine, huge 200 name and number phone book and the handy hands-free speakerphone.

Enjoy Talk Time Of Up To 13 Hours To Friends

Now you can enjoy phoning for longer, in style, comfort and convenience. You and your family can relish extended conversations with the iDECT Eclipse Plus lengthy talk time of up to 13hrs and 230 hours standby.The twin version comprises of an extra cordless unit, but the Eclipse can 'stack away' a formidable few hundred names and numbers directly in the handset.

iDECT Cordless Phones With Answering Machine
iDECT Cordless Phone

5 Star Rating

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Why not input your first hundred 'most phone crucial numbers' as you may never recognise when you mislay your telephone and require an acquaintance or number desperately. Likewise, it stores the last inward address particulars for your convenience.

The cordless Eclipse Plus has been contrived to be very user congenial. The hands-free speaker phone mechanism on the handset permits you to have the power to multi-task, as you'll not require to carry the phone flat against you ear.

Very Wide Maximum Range Of 300 Metres

No matter what you are presently performing, doing the dishes or washing your laundry, you'll still be able to love exchanging calls with your pals and family members.

The Eclipse Plus offers a 30 minute 'drawn-out' digital answer machine. Messages can be replayed from this chic, svelte and innovative handset.

Pleasingly, the Eclipse Plus phone sports a progressive conception, with a blue backlit display screen that is very effortless to understand. Likewise, it offers additional profiles while dialling for an outgoing call.

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