Swissvoice ePure Long Range Cordless Phone Range 300m

The unique ePure telephone by Swissvoice features a contemporary style and design. It is an excellent example of the specific, powerful renowned developer DECT telephone that includes innovative fashion appearance with the accuracy and reliability you expect from Swiss technological innovation.

High Quality Loudspeaker Enables Clear, Duplex Hands Free Voice Communication

Exclusive modern, trendy design with perfection abundant Swiss technological know-how is an environmentally friendly, stylish family telephone with high sound quality, backlit LCD display and hands free functioning.

(Main SwissVoice Features)

Swissvoice ePure Phone in Red

Swissvoice ePure Phone

5 Star Rating

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The ePure designer telephone intelligently fuses an appropriate style, perhaps belonging to the past - with the engineering of an advanced era. Its straightforward to set-up, convenient to use and appears fashionable in any surroundings.

Accessible in a classy, glossy black, off white or attractive red, this head turning cordless analogue gadget from Swissvoice features the most up-to-date energy-saving and low emission engineering around. It is a trendy, timeless home telephone that works well both ways. See video below!

Swissvoice ePure Long Range Designer Cordless Phone

With a backlit display screen and the accessibility to handsfree procedure, this unique handset signifies a combination of desirability and contemporary advancement, influenced by a concise, sleek style, easy functioning and sturdy structure.

The Swissvoice ePure digital cordless telephone directly appears like the old well-known telephone styles with one positive change - there is absolutely nothing old regarding this latest conversation device from the Swissvoice brand.

Video: Retro Style Swissvoice ePure Digital Cordless Telephone..

With regard to call administration, this phone can hold up 99 names, display caller numbers, names and call periods. Save the last 10 phone numbers utilised. For your network access, the ePure digital cordless telephone uses an analogue network and facilitates 'DTMF or pulse dialling' features.

Together with a choice of hands free functioning, you do not even really need to hold this telephone. Sporting a 1.4 inch backlit dot matrix display screen, handsfree procedure on the handset, up to 300 metres (984 ft) outdoors range and 50 metres (164 ft) inside your home. There is a loudspeaker, low energy usage feature in addition to a two year guarantee meaning this telephone is recommended.

Featuring a long talk time of up to 10 hours and 150 hours standby, it is possible to talk as long as you want on the Swissvoice ePure phone. Included as well with this phone are convenience functions.

For example, variable ringer and loudspeaker with 5 levels on each, secrecy function, call transfer, and conference in house and externally in between units. Buy the Swissvoice ePure digital cordless telephone here.

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