Our 10 Business Card Readers That Scan Crucial Data

Our pick of UK business card scanners convert your company cards in to workable details to maintain as part of your address book, or reserve securely anyplace you desire. The USB business card scanners that make order of your complex data. The scanning devices that function for digitising names, telephone.

01: WorldCard Batch Scan Business Card Scanning Device

This colour card scanning device acknowledges and maintains vibrant pictures of the organisation. It may also be utilised as a regular colour scanning device in order to scan 4 x 6 colour pictures, sport cards, game cards and various other activity style cards.

Batch Scanner In Black Exterior

Batch Business Scanner

A6 colour scanner supports virtually all Windows variations and functions immediately with Outlook e-mail, Express and Sage etc. The ergonomic style helps make scanning surprisingly easy and provides remarkable overall performance for the cost. Multi-language assistance business card printing in various languages is provided.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £119 Get It → WorldCard Batch Scanner

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02: Epson WorkForce Compact Portable Business Card Scanner

The WorkForce is a mobile business enterprise scanning device, and one of the lightest company scanners available on the market at just 320 grammes, so compact it's straightforward to carry just about anywhere. As it's operated by USB slot, it is an easy task to get started with.

Business Cards Scanner In Black Finish

WorkForce Business Cards Scanner

The Abbyy Fine Reader software programme provides EPA and BizCard 5 assists handling of business card printing. Enjoy free download of the app through their internet site and the DS-30 is effortlessly built-in to businesses work-flow by means of most typical document management systems utilising Windows.
[Rating: 9/10] - £84 Get It → Epson Business Card Scanner

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03: Xerox DocuMate Ultra Dual Feed Business Scanner

This is an A4 desktop doc scanning device with rates of speed as high as 25 ppm and 44 ipm pictures each minute, using duplex in black and white, grayscale and full colour up to 300 dpi. The scanner utilises a CIS (contact image sensor) as well as source of light for effective electrical power usage.

Scanner In Grey And Brushed Steel

DocuMate Ultra Sound Business Scanner

The system provides a 50 sheet dependant 20lb, 80 g/m2 paper document feeder for sizes as much as 8.5 inches (215 mm). The rather lengthy capacity is reinforced up 38 inch, 960mm.

The DocuMate provides ultra-sound dual feed recognition to ensure that stapled, or any other 'misfed' paperwork are sensed prior to being messed up, ruined, or resulting in a jam etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £336 Get It → Xerox DocuMate Business Scanner

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04: DYMO CardScan Business Cards Scanner For Computer

The highly efficient V9 makes it possible to capture, set-up and control your connections incredibly easy. CardScan professional brings together a quick, colour capable business card scanning device with this version of the managing business contacts software programme. Simply scan any card, or drag-and-drop contact data from any e-mail signature or website page.

Colour Card Scanner In Black And White

CardScan v9 Colour Card Scanner

CardScan application instantly makes it's way to the data in the suitable fields to produce an invaluable electronic address guide.

v9 software program features a remodelled user interface and provides decent benefits, which makes controlling your contacts increasingly simple. Image view function enables end users to flip through business card photographs easily.
[Rating: 9/10] - £1450 Get It → DYMO CardScan Colour Card Scanner

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05: IRIS Express 4 OCR Business Card Scanner Any PC

Accurate scanning on the move, the Express 4 business card scanner permits you to control envelopes, contracts, bills, receipts, accounts, written agreements, pictures and business sector cards. Scan virtually anything wherever you may be using a high powered mix of completely mobile colour scanning, in addition advanced OCR software system.

OCR Business Card Scanner With Colour Document

Express 4 OCR Business Card Scanner

It streamlines practically all your particular re-typing demands, regardless if in the household, travelling or in the work place. Small sized, light weight and USB power operated, it is contrived to be carried and accommodates in virtually any handbag, haversack or notebook case.

Effortlessly press the button to automate your regular scanning chores.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £100 Get It → IRIS OCR Business Card Scanner

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06: Mustek iScanAir Portable Wi-Fi Card Scanner

The iScan Air scanning device is a light, portable and convenient style suitable for household, workplace and travelling. The photographs are immediate throughout the scanning process with decreased waiting time for outcomes. Suitable for the majority of well-liked operating systems. Scans business cards, bills, pictures and agreements.

iScanAir Wi-Fi Scanner In Black And White Finish

Colour iScanAir Wi-Fi Card Scanner

Enables scanning original copies to MAC and iPad photograph collection for observing examined photos, speedy sharing and instant utilisation. It exports your scanned photographs straight away to iPhoto to create your personal do it yourself photo calendars, post cards, collections, plus more.
[Rating: 9/10] - £107 Get It → Mustek iScanAir Wi-Fi Card Scanner

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07: Fujitsu ScanSnap iPhone Android Business Card Scanner

Now you can scan your company documents at home, on the go or at the office as it can be described as the comprehensive mobile alternative. Just push one particular scanner key to enhance colour or perhaps mono multiple page, dual sided docs directly on to digital PDF data files that you easily can file, arrange, share as well as e-mail etc.

It is constantly run possibly straight from the notebook USB power slots or through an AC connector, rendering it well suited for business owners on the road - in the vehicle, in customer's property and many others. Perhaps you have to scan distinct measured documents and your paper sheet does not go in to the scanner flawlessly without delay.

Maybe you incorrectly inserted your document the other way up or just despise needing to alter the colour setting prior to every scan. The scanner enables you to ignore those obstacles and offers files that happen to be the precise reproductions of the paper docs. It scans both equally sides of every page up to 12 pages each and every minute straight to readable PDF, JPEG, or maybe to business office uses like Word or perhaps Excel.

Word And Excel ScanSnap Business Scanner In Black

The unit instantly acknowledges the dimensions of each doc, registers and modifies, then displays pictures in their most effective alignment. You may also decide to possess blank pages instantly eliminated. It's intended to take the inconvenience out of pre and after scan participation, thus releasing up time for various other responsibilities.

The scanner will instantly identify the dimensions of the doc scanned and screen a clipped picture appropriately, however scanned graphics are instantly rotated and balanced so virtually any can be eradicated, empty pages erased and colour diagnosed to assist reduce file proportions.

The included USB business card scanner scanning software program reads significant volumes of custom business cards straight to digital organisation card cases, and permits you to switch card details directly on to Microsoft Excel, Outlook Express and various directories for foreseeable future consideration.

A couple of simple measures to digitise and deal with the data in your receipts. the Receipt enables you to conveniently scan and draw out details through your receipts, and move the information for various other accounting computer software. The advanced functionality inside immediately assists multiple languages and foreign currencies.
[Rating: 9/10] - £189 Get It → Fujitsu ScanSnap Business Scanner

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08: Brother DS Colour Portable Scanning Device USB Run

With the DS, you can supply your employees with this particular small, convenient scanning device and enhance the efficiency, as well as customer support of your staff with Brother's lightweight, easily transportable scanner. It indicates personnel can easily seize purchases, as well as documents on the go, saving time and cash.

Duplex Portable Scanner In Smooth Black Casing

Duplex Colour Portable Scanner

Sufficiently small enough to transport and operated by a simple USB slot, it includes the functionalities you would anticipate from this brand desktop scanner, such as 1 touch simple to use, dual sided colour scanning and a collection of cross system applications incorporated. Digitise paperwork to business regular platforms, share and store from just about any place.
[Rating: 9/10] - £289 Get It → Brother Colour Portable Scanner

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09: Plustek Opticard Card And Portable Image Scanner

The Opti is a high-speed mobile scanner device that not just handles photographs, but additionally arranges and syncs business cards in to public contact databases, all with a couple of straightforward control keys scan and B.C.R. (Business Card Reader). Effective IRIS 3.5 app allows you to arrange your entire business cards with proficiency.

Scanner In Black And Chrome Effect

Opticard 820 Speedy Image Scanner

It acknowledges business cards from around 50 diverse nations. Additional features consist of automatic alignment, data source export, synchronisation together with your PDA and more.

To any extent further, you don't have to concern yourself where you can keep, or even how to gain access to piles of photographs as well as business cards. Simply use the USB 2.0 OptiCard to rapidly scan and deal with all of them with the user-friendly application.
[Rating: 9/10] - £119 Get It → Plustek Opticard Image Scanner

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10: PenPower WorldCard OCR Card Reader And ID Scanner

The Duet 2 reader enables recording of business card photographs and the effective application after that offers OCR, removes the information from the company and enters it to the data source. This is then modified by hand and altered in alternative method, such as synchronising with Outlook - as well as other programmes.

OCR Duet 2 Card Reader In Grey And Red

WorldCard OCR Duet 2 Card Reader

It's also possible to detach the camera to use as an internet camera using a helpful clip that allows it to be attached to a variety of surface types. Using its 1.3m pixel resolution, Duet can easily capture a high-quality image of the business card. The stream-lined design causes it to be a perfect option for consumers who journey a great deal.
[Rating: 8/10] - £19 Get It → PenPower OCR Duet Card Reader

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Best Mobile Card Scanners For Business Invoices Or Contacts

A variety of business card reader devices together with software programmes that permit you to sort out, modify, as well as organise your contact database effortlessly. Portable USB business card scanners made for the average user with full-colour code readers that scan business cards in seconds, even on the move.

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