Best Long Stapler Tools For Booklets And Big Brochures

Great for stapling bigger sheets plus centres of pages, our best long arm staplers possess sturdy metallic upper arms with top loading. Fine-tuned flexible paper guide in addition to 300 mm stapling throat range. The heavy duty longer scope allows you to staple brochures, pamphlets, labels and additional big documents.

01: Rapesco Marlin Long Arm Big Stapler 30cm Scope

This modern long arm stapling machine is made with a sturdy steel upper arm as well as top loading head design. It includes a fine-tuned versatile paper guide and border adjuster.

Using a staple range as much as 300 mm in addition sheet total capacity of 25 sheets, it expends and delivers with 100 staples plus a speedy starting time.

Steel Long Arm Big Stapler In Black

The stapler includes high functioning and advantages from an effortless, untroubled and soft ABS top cover for comfy continual deployment, and a swivel anvil to interchange in between stapling and pinning for improvised setting.

This lengthy stapler includes effortless stapling of as much as 25 sheets and possesses a rugged steel arm plus fine-tuned, flexible paper instructions.
[Rating: 9/10] - £10 Get It → Rapesco Marlin Long Arm Big Stapler

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02: PaperPro In-Reach Jam-Free Long Armed Stapler

A long armed stapler using effortless individual finger spring operated strategy that constitutes stapling far more leisurely, merely the press of a finger is going to staple adequate to 25 pieces of paper or 50 page brochure.

Orchestrated for ergonomics, the tool includes simple stapling for all your speciality plans. It functions with a jam-free device and comes with full strip 210 total capacity.

Jam-Free Long Armed Stapler With Red Grips

Using a robust formed steel casing as well as curving fluent configuration with a non skid hand-grip, the stapling machine offers smooth, durable comfort in your hand.

The 317 mm scope and power to attach pieces of paper as much as 635 mm broad renders it the ideal binding and specialised projects instrument. Integrated ruler as well as sliding range guide for regular precision and expends regular 26,6 staples.
[Rating: 9/10] - £36 Get It → PaperPro Long Armed Stapler

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03: MyLife Unit Long Arm Stapler For Paper And Card

The lengthy reach stapling machine manages adequate to 20 pieces of paper and as much as 15 inches ranging from the boundary of sheets.

It binds brochures with 15 inch arm dimensions for accommodating in a versatile style of paper or documents. Secures tags as well as swatch cards etc, the ideal stapler for home office or industrial utilisation.

Unit Long Arm Stapler On Blue Paper

A long arm stapling machine for binding newspaper publishing, booklets with a perspective as flexible as you wish.

The scale including locking system paper slider guarantees precise stapling, which is easily removed, as you simply push it to correct the paper stapling location. Steel structure, robust for 20 sheets binding potential.
[Rating: 9/10] - £20 Get It → MyLife Unit Long Arm Stapler

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04: Rapid HD Heavy Duty Power Stapling Machine

The speedy stapling machine is an effortless to load up industrial style instrument for adequate to 110 pieces of paper - upper limit consequences with borderline endeavour. It's a substantial front loaded weighty stapler including lever mechanics which allows stapling of several pieces of paper.

Heavy Duty Stapling Machine With Long Base

This heavy duty stapling machine delivers with a 5 years warranty and possesses a determined stapling range or perhaps 66 mm. It comes in fashionable black colour, and as a consequence grey.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £65 Get It → Rapid Heavy Duty Stapling Machine

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05: Rexel Long Reaching Automatic Large Stapler

Using a fine-tuned scale which permits you place your work precisely, the automatic large stapler machine assists you to accomplish that expert look on your brochures, compositions and leaflets.

This stapler can be laden with adequate to 210 16 staples, intending that as soon as loaded, replenishment will not be a incessant annoyance. It possesses an effortless to deploy automatic top load characteristic that assists you to save time.

Very Long Reach Large Stapler In Smooth Black

Including a throat range of 308 mm, it will pin, tack or perhaps 'permanently' staple adequate to 20 pieces of paper concurrently, which assists for better workplace effectiveness whenever managing large intensities of paperwork.

It additionally features a 2 year guarantee, so it's possible to buy with self-assurance. It works especially comfortably whenever you are stapling several papers.
[Rating: 9/10] - £26 Get It → Rexel Long Reach Large Stapler

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06: Leitz Steel Long Arm Stapling Machine 40 Sheet

This extended long arm stapling machine comes in a black colour as well as grey - a solid metallic stapler for managing significant sized documents, for example booklets adequate to 40 pieces of paper in density.

It's durable as well as dependable with an impact strategy that guarantees amended stapling functionality every time.

Long Arm Stapling Machine In Black And White

Effortless and flexible guide bar for formats A6 up to A2, US as well as Folio. Introduction range of adequate to 300 mm. For deployment using power functioning P4 staples, a bundle is incorporated. Corresponding devices accessible, which includes hole punchers as well as filing merchandises.
[Rating: 9/10] - £39 Get It → Leitz Long Arm Stapling Machine

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07: Schneider Permanent Temporary Long Reach Stapler

A long reach stapler for home office, an expert and fashionable document fixing tool with accented and established, silver anodised steel foot as well as PVC encased top.

Throat range of as much as DIN A2, accurate aluminium holder guide in addition to dual staple gun guide with permanent or temporary function.

Permanent Long Reach Stapler With Ruler Base

Stapling total capacity of 40 sheets and throat range for paper introduction of 300 mm. Push button loading strategy and expert document fixing. Material in metallic with colour light grey and darker coloured grey. 10 years approving of merchandise security. Item weight is approximately 803g.
[Rating: 9/10] - £51 Get It → Schneider Permanent Long Reach Stapler

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08: Novus 40 Sheet Pro Long Armed Stapling Machine

An impressive professional and fashionable long armed stapling machine that features a throat range of 300 mm for A6 up to A2, so is just right for stapling big pamphlets or bulky brochures.

It's industrial-strength and strong including an anodised metal foot as well as plastic encased top with accurate metal guide plus dual staple gun guide.

Long Armed Stapling Machine Operated By Man

With a stapling total capacity of 40 pieces of paper 80 gsm, the maximal stapling range is 300 mm and possesses a push option loading gun technology. 25 year makers warranty in addition carries the GS approval of merchandise safety. Long arm stapling machine with 300 mm 'upper limit paper insertion' range.
[Rating: 9/10] - £45 Get It → Novus Long Armed Stapling Machine

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09: Loutoc Front Load 50 Sheet Heavy Duty Stapler

A 50 sheet heavy duty stapler equipment that is the perfect option for virtually any business office, incorporating technological know-how and convenience to provide success that exceeds expectations with considerably less stapling exertion needed. Suitable for working with inside your home or in a specialist setting.

This ergonomic design stapler will assist as your ideal workplace associate with easy push-button front-loading. The paper stapler features a front side filling staple magazine that opens up at the press of a button for making loading convenient - suitable for entering a much more substantial capability staple.

Heavy Duty Stapler In Black Metal

The all-metallic body stapler comes with the 75 mm neck range, enabling you to keep them continuously and accomplish optimum accuracy. This excellent stapler can cope with approximately 50 sheets at the same time and can quickly transform your job productivity, so make your efficiency less complicated and more pleasurable.

It staples roughly 50 sheets applying 26 as well as x24 six millimetre staples for as much as 20 sheets and 24 or maybe x26 eight mm staples for regular 80 GSM paper documents. You can transfer the staple category anytime you desire for various demands. Merchandise standard 50 sheets stapling capability of 80g paper docs.

The front side loading press button stapler is equipped with 50 sheets 80 GSM capability, which makes it appropriate for professional consideration. A magazine launch key with simple full strip loading as well as security brake mechanism to manage the disposition. The press button reliable system signifies that substantially less exertion becomes necessary for those challenging jobs.
[Rating: 9/10] - £10 Get It → Loutoc 50 Sheet Heavy Duty Stapler

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10: Easy Gift Stapler Using Long Arm Reach Handle

Long arm stapling machine perfect for stapling bigger sheets and mid-points of pages. It possesses a rugged metallic upper arm including top load stapling head, ABS anti-slip top cover, graduated versatile papers guide in addition to 300 mm stapling throat range.

Long Arm Reach Handle Stapler With Black Housing

It is congruous with 26,6 plus 24,6 staples and approximately 25 sheets potential. It suggests mm in addition to inch points and central signal. Perfect for stapling pamphlets, project booklets as well as different big docs 300 mm or 12 inches scope.
[Rating: 8/10] - £8 Get It → Easy Long Arm Reach Handle Stapler

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10 UK Long Arm Large Stapling Machines For Booklets

Including a large sheet stapling potential, these long arm reach manual stapling machines work nicely for virtually any heavy necessity. See our paper printers.

They possesses a solid metallic structure for daily heavy-duty jobs and supply long-lasting usage. The flexible tools function with both '24,6 or 26,6' staples and top load strategy for ease of use.

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