Fireproof And Waterproof Box Protection For Papers Or Cash

Preserve essential papers or passports with a fireproof document box for unrealistic to replace particulars in the consequence of a catastrophe. They offer safety from fire damage and water, minus your being forced to keep anything away from home or office. Perfect for crucial photos or small objects like USB sticks.

01: Cathedral Water Proof Construct Small Fireproof Safe

Virtually all households and business concerns recognise the demand to secure goods. With this small fireproof safe, you can secure insurance policy papers, testaments, passes and driver licences.

Your particulars can immediately be saved from burglary, fire as well as flood using a water resistant fire certificate safe box. This first-class security container shields papers from fire in heat as much as 840 degrees Celsius for a half-hour.

Key Locking Small Fireproof Safe In Black

An impressive surround water resistant seal continues contents dry even whenever completely drowned. There's a key which renders it able to lock and in addition a folding carry hand grip.

On the whole, this constitutes a highly recommended home or perhaps work place security safe box, just right for safe keeping individualised objects securely, and even holds A4 paperwork minus folding or destructing them in any formula.
[Rating: 8/10] - £49 Get It → Cathedral Small Fireproof Safe

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02: Master Lock Big Capacity Fireproof Security Key Box

A big capacity fireproof security key box that cares for your household most significant documents and accommodates A4 paper, digital multi media, as well as additional family members memories from fire damage and flood harm.

The insulating material is constructed from cement using specialised additives which seize millions of water particles which contract the inner heat and forestall the contents from combustion or dissolving.

Fireproof Security Key Box With Lid Open

It's a UL ETL substantiated box for 1 hour fire safety as much as 926 degrees Celsius with 72 hours water submergence security. The big security chest shields paperwork and additional important particulars from water damage.

The box possesses a close cell foam gasket which circumvents the cover, so as soon as closed - it produces an impenetrable block that preserves all water out - and your all-important and irreplaceable objects pleasingly dry.
[Rating: 9/10] - £62 Get It → Master Lock Fireproof Security Key Box

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03: Sentry Safe Secure Fireproof And Waterproof Box

This secure fireproof and waterproof box is require to safeguard valuables, in addition insurance policy paperwork, wishes, recommendations and family members images, just to acknowledge a couple.

Not just entirely paper, but perhaps compact disc, video-disc, disc drive or USB storage pens, they can nowadays all be saved from the hazards of thieving and fire damage using a good fire safe chest.

Secure Fire Waterproof Box In White Colour

This impressive fire secure box features established fire safety for a half hour and is separately screened by UL insurance underwriter science laboratory. The big interior total capacity conciliates A4 paperwork lying down, 2 seclusion keys in addition to accessible carry hand-grip.
[Rating: 9/10] - £49 Get It → Sentry Secure Fire Waterproof Box

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04: First Alert Water Proof Fire Proof Container 17.5L

A larger fire proof container to guarantee all of your valuables and papers inside this 17.5 Litres box. The incombustible and water-proofed document chest is exceedingly durable and long-lasting.

It cares for your goods for adequate to 30 minutes at heat as much as 840 degrees Centigrade. The water resistant preserving seal maintains the contents completely dry, even under consummate submerging.

Fire Proof Container With Black Handle

The papers chest is appropriate for written documents up to dimension A4 as well as hanging data files in A4, however is is likewise perfect for safeguarding USB storage sticks, external disc drives, compact discs, DVD's and so on. The fire resistant document container is able to lock with 2 keys incorporated.
[Rating: 9/10] - £75 Get It → First Alert Fire Proof Container 17L

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05: Rottner Sentry Fire Secure Small Safe Box For Home

This particular fire secure small safe box for home is consummate for deployment inside the household or perhaps at the work place. The fire security system chest generates half-hour fire security.

It's UL categorised with half hour established fire damage security as well as ETL substantiated safety for compact discs, video discs, USB power drives plus USB storage pens up to as much as 1550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Small Safe Box For Home With Treated Exterior

The fire container delivers with a privacy key locking mechanism, comes in colour black, is ETL corroborated 1/2 hour fire damage security for CD's plus documents.
[Rating: 9/10] - £41 Get It → Rottner Small Safe Box For Home

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06: SteelMaster Fireproof Document Safe Security Box

Security fireproof document safe is perfect for the protection at work or perhaps in your household. The fire-resistant chest is necessary for, and is just right for accommodating petty cash, wills or even jewellery, documents, passports.

Made of long-lasting dense gauge steel, the 'fire-retardant' container is orchestrated with dual insulated wall structures to safeguard contents from all types of fire impairment.

Steel Fireproof Document Safe Box With Square Cover

Fire screened at 750 degrees for as much as 20 minutes, the container is contrived to safeguard all-important paperwork in small business organisations, retail stores or even at home.

A solid locking system key fix maintains the chest secure and the ergonomic carry handgrip make for effortless carrying. 2 keys are issued as standard with every container. Fashioned from and manufactured with durable, heavy calibre steel and component parts.
[Rating: 8/10] - £30 Get It → SteelMaster Fireproof Document Safe Box

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07: Honeywell Waterproof A4 Fireproof Document Box

Durable waterproof A4 fireproof document box that offers safety for crucial paperwork, for example certificates, money and so forth, but ideal for electronic media like compact discs, DVD's or USB sticks.

It is highly appropriate for A4 pages, including 6 suspension register charts. Protection is perfect for 30 minutes at heat adequate to 843 degrees. There is an 'out of sight' flexible joint for neat conception.

Fireproof Document Box With Black Exterior

Science laboratory screened resistance degree and UL endorsed, constructed with a boosted and specifically sealed ABS polymer. 7 years guarantee with life cost free substitution following any fire damage.

Dual safeguard bands for air as well as leak-proof stop. Safety cylinder locking mechanism renders additional safety versus burglary etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £94 Get It → Honeywell A4 Fireproof Document Box

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08: HMF Fireproof And Waterproof Paperwork Cash Box

Fire resistant and water tight paperwork cash box that offers safety for individualised objects, crucial papers, money and so forth. Secure media for example compact discs, video discs, USB pens and so on. Appropriate for DIN A4 paperwork, safety cylinder locking mechanism supplies added protective cover.

Fireproof Paperwork Cash Box With Front Lock

Protection of 30 minutes at high temperatures and research lab examined impedance degree UL evidenced. It delivers with 7 years guarantee and lifetime cost free replacing after fire damage. Sizes, outside breadth 40.7 cm, depth 32 cm, elevation 16.6 cm, item weight of 12.8 kg and volume capacity 7.3 litres.
[Rating: 9/10] - £58 Get It → HMF Fireproof Paperwork Cash Box

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09: GoodIdeas Fire Proof Compact Style Security Box

Keep all-important documents secure from fire damage with this compact security box. Just right for testaments, new passports, birth credentials, this first-class dual wall stainless steel security container assists to safeguard your goods as well as crucial paperwork from fire, thieving or perhaps other impairment.

Fire Proof Security Box In Brown

It possesses a specialised full size hinge as well as finished in tempered enamel with baggage design carrying hand grip. Completed with safety envelopes in addition 2 keys. Exterior 31 cm x 20 cm x 10.5 cm. Interior 29.5 cm x 18 cm x 8 cm, fabricated for good security at home or office.
[Rating: 8/10] - £29 Get It → GoodIdeas Fire Proof Security Box

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10: Master Lock Waterproof Fireproof Document Chest

This highly recommended waterproof fireproof document chest ensures protection of all your individualised objects, for example watches, gems, digital media as well as the majority of notebook computers from fire damage and deluge.

It is UL ETL corroborated, but this highly popular security container offers 30 minutes fire opposition at 843 degrees Celsius in addition to water immunity in the consequence of flood.

Fireproof Document Chest With Water Tight Seal

This modern security container features a keyed lock strategy with 2 keys incorporated that guarantees concealment of contents and forestalls the box from opening whenever submitted to high temperatures.

This safety container possesses incorporated carry grips for simple transport. Fire resistant water tight safety container in colour grey.
[Rating: 9/10] - £107 Get It → Master Lock Fireproof Document Chest

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Small Safe Boxes For Home With Water And Fire Protection

These extremely secure fire proof containers give you security from fire and water, safeguarding your important paperwork.

Since paper in addition digital media begin to reduce above an indisputable level of high temperature, the safe keeping area in these fire resistant safes have to be continued under this vital temperature in any fire situation.

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