10 Best Presentation Pointers With Long Wireless Spectrum

Using a functional long range, our best Wireless presenter clickers will pitch your presentation with self-assurance. Enjoy the flexibility to move about minus being forced to go back to your PC just to move to the following slide using our modest and light PowerPoint presentation pointer devices. See our business card scanners.

01: Kensington USB Laser Wireless Presentation Clicker

The all-powerful 2.4 GHz connection of this Wireless presentation clicker defies disturbance and allows you to command Keynote or even PowerPoint from adequate to 20 metres off.

Link the presenter remote red laser presenter through the connecting Wi-Fi USB power receiver in to just about any regular USB congenial power port on your notebook or desktop.

Wireless Presentation Clicker In Black

Handily transportable and effortless to use, it enables you to concentrate on what counts most - your demonstration. Elementary forward in addition back commands are complemented using a smart blackout out display screen option.
[Rating: 9/10] - £24 Get It → Kensington Wireless Presentation Clicker

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02: Satechi MAC And PC Wireless Presentation Remote

This impressive Wireless presentation remote does not demand any driver facilities or perhaps additional software system facilities. Just connect the USB power receiving system in to the PC you would like to command.

Deploy the remote control for manipulating demonstrations, net browsing and more besides. Stop plus restart presentations from this small transportable remote control.

Wireless Presentation Remote In Classroom

Mouse setting enables you to click links integrated in presentation slides, browsing, PC programs and much more. Manage a presentation adequate to 100 feet off, valuable for big conference or lecture spaces.

This enables you to interact with the audience instead of continuing bound to the PC. When completed, it keeps the remote device and USB power receiver in the enclosed casing.
[Rating: 9/10] - £26 Get It → Satechi Wireless Presentation Remote

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03: Logitech Ergonomic Wireless Presenter Clicker

A reliable ergonomic Wireless presenter clicker that is configured to assist you make your point clearly. Smart slideshow commands help you pilot your demonstration with self-assurance and informality.

Options are effortless to discover via touch using an ergonomic style and a highly comfy feel. This impressive 'red laser pointer' is effortless to observe against the majority of back-drops, along with a range of adequate to 15 metres (50 feet).

Ergo Wireless Presenter Clicker With Black Buttons

It supplies plentiful flexibility to move about your space and mix with your own audience. A stack away plug and play Wi-Fi receiving system establishes assembly rather simple without any requirement to install a software system.
[Rating: 8/10] - £34 Get It → Logitech Wireless Presenter Clicker

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04: Breett 2.4GHz Control Wireless Presentation Remote

With this Wireless presentation remote control, the small USB power receiving system assists plug and play strategy and no driver is called for. Congenial operation systems Windows PC, Mac OS, Linux, Android.

Agreeable with USB 1 to 3 slots and is completely assisted for PowerPoint, Keynote and in addition Prezi. Integrated docking bay saves the USB receiver for effortless bundling and mobility. The USB receiving system may be commanded by 6 transmitters at the same time.

Wireless Presentation Remote With Pointer

It's furnished with a high-grade micro chip adequate to 100 metres Wireless spectrum plus 30 meters command range. It additionally blends much more features of page up or down for your important PowerPoint presentation.

It's constructed of nickel plating steel dome as well as silicone key pad, but contributes you a comfy touch experience. Expends AAA batteries that may be purchased effortlessly anyplace.
[Rating: 8/10] - £11 Get It → Breett Wireless Presentation Remote

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05: Targus Cursor Presenter Slide Advancer Clicker

A multi-media system cursor control presenter slide advancer and clicker with pointer command. Due to the remote control 2.4 GHz wire free strategy, it's possible to access programmes, set up the web, correct loudness plus play tunes and video recordings from as much as 15 metres off.

Presenter Slide Advancer Clicker With Mini USB

The remote device features back-lit options for deployment in reduced light surroundings. The effortless to guide, brilliant laser pointer as well as pointer commands will allow you to access your PC and relocate your presentations easily and expeditiously.

The small USB power receiver stacks away tidily inside the remote whenever not used.
[Rating: 9/10] - £28 Get It → Targus Presenter Slide Advancer Clicker

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06: Infiniter Wireless Computer Presentation Clicker

Effortless to deploy multi purpose conception Wireless computer presentation clicker with media music player control operation. Unparallelled and applicable hot key features incorporate page down and up with Power PointPen procedure.

Wi-Fi PC Presentation Clicker With Red Laser

Connect and play 2.4 GHz wireless USB power receiving system gadget with no additional software system downloads or driver instalment expected. Integrated dock bay stores receiver for effortless mobility. Functions cleanly on Mac, Windows PC.
[Rating: 9/10] - £44 Get It → Infiniter Wi-Fi Presentation Clicker

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07: Proster Battery Presentation Clicker Mouse Feature

With a command range of as much as 100 metres, this Wireless battery presentation clicker is outfitted with the finest micro chip. The push button is constructed of nickel metal plating in addition silicone plus plastic.

It bestows you a comfy touch impression and inside the page switching setting, you will be able to carry through the procedures with page up and down, maximum screen, sleep, volume level plus link.

Grey Battery Presentation Clicker With LCD

In the computer mouse modality, it's possible to proceed the mouse up, down, left or perhaps right, and deploy left or right mouse options. You'll be able to intelligently alternate in between the two strategies through this button.

The small USB power receiver accompanies connect and play application where simply no driver is expected. It is congenial with USB 1 to 3, OS virtually all Windows PC systems, Mac OS, Linux, Android etc. Supports PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi plus.
[Rating: 8/10] - £10 Get It → Proster Battery Presentation Clicker

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08: Amerteer Wireless Powerpoint Remote Presenter

This unique 2.4 GHz Wireless PowerPoint remote presenter with controlled red laser light is a modest sized and delightful mobile portable device, great also for more concentrated uses. An important pleasant associate of presentations or even sales pitches, it is simple to point out the PPT or perhaps blackboard in just about any room.

Developing your presentations as well as concept appear more powerful, making audience feel imaginative and informed. This kind of laser pointer is additionally the very best present for acquaintances and family members. The red laser light productivity power 1mW beam pointer is complete with RF Wireless influence engineered especially for computer systems and media styled projector units.

Black Powerpoint Remote Presenter In Man's Hand

The Wireless push-button control range selection of approximately 39 ft or 12 metres so that you can be liberated to manoeuvre around the area and connect to your target audience for uncomplicated to restrain presentations. Control key laser pointer, page up and down, release slide show, black colour display.

Pre-installed dock bay stores USB power receiver with simple ease of mobility, and one USB receiver may be manipulated by 6 transmission devices concurrently. Plug n play plus simply no driver becomes necessary. Operation system home Windows, Mac OS, Linux. Assist options MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint. For MacBook upon OSx, connect the USB power receiver in to notebook, after which you can choose the alternatives.
[Rating: 9/10] - £9 Get It → Amerteer Powerpoint Remote Presenter

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09: ZoweeTek Wireless PowerPoint Presentation Clicker

The PowerPoint presentation clicker with 15 command push buttons assistance and PPT multi-media system volume level control, plus free on-off switch setting options Mac or perhaps Windows PC.

Black as well as white display screen options including red light push buttons. Eco amiable plastics, 50 metres efficient range, 360 degrees command. Auto frequency hopping system deflects RF signal burdens.

50m Wireless PowerPoint Clicker In Board Room

Easy plug and play with no motivation to set-up drivers, the USB power receiving system dongle is contained in position through a magnet, simple to carry or stack away, 360 Mah Li-Polymer, charge up 2 hours, stand-by for 3 months.

Reduced electrical power signal, automatic stand-by for 'power economising' and robust deployment, integrated port to keep USB receiver plus it's straightforward to carry and store.
[Rating: 8/10] - £14 Get It → ZoweeTek Wireless PowerPoint Clicker

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10: Vitalitim Recharging Wireless Presentation Pointer

The recharging Wireless presentation pointer with user-friendly style makes it simple to promptly identify the control switches with the tips of the fingers.

It facilitates links, page up/down, volume level up/low, play photo slides, full colour display and screen sleeping. Turn the position at the contact of a button using a powerful light fixture pointer that may emphasise virtually any element of your demonstration, it easily generates audience's interest for a more efficient and confident display.

Whether or not presenting in a bigger conference space or class room, approximately 20 metres Wireless spectrum enables you to openly move about the space without needing to stay at the rear of your computer or perhaps podium space. An integrated dock bay retains the receiver simple to pack with ease of mobility.

Wireless Presentation Pointer With Pull Receiver

A standard rechargeable Li-polymer battery renders the business presenter more highly efficiency and sturdy than those involving dry power packs. The Wireless presentation remote is recharged through a phone booster, desktop computer, notebook, smart Television USB power slot and many others.

This particular presenter incorporates a receiver located inside on it's own, which means you are much less prone to losing your device. Simply plug the Wireless client perfectly in to a USB port, then you certainly can start taking action. Light weight and hassle free, it's trademarked body style fits pleasantly inside the palm.

Wireless business presenter helps plug n play concept where no driver is desired. It is functioning on 2.4G RF rate of recurrence, approximately 20 metres Wireless spectrum so that you can be liberated to relocate in the room and connect to your target audience. A dazzling red pointer which is simple to grasp against most back drops with emphasised key regions of your photo power point slides.
[Rating: 9/10] - £12 Get It → Vitalitim Wireless Presentation Pointer

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Buy Wireless Presenter Clickers With Superior Performance

Expert Wireless PowerPoint remote presenters that encounter nicely in your palm. The integral high-power laser beam enables control attending to demonstrations at the contact of a push button. The receiving set stores in the presenter for versatility and instantly powers off to economise energy.

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